Taking the next step in rainbow body research - a paper by Father Francis Tiso

Okay, so not a book but a paper…close enuf… :wink:


Close enough! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this @brightspirit



Beginning with a breath purification and control exercise. b.

Chanting voiced seed syllables and visualizations of colors to integrate the body-mind complex, within the matrix of focused attention.c.

Pause for silence, observation, and enhanced attention.d.

Begin a discursive visualization of polygons corresponding to the givensynesthesia of color and number to intensify and interiorize focused attention.e.

Perform a mental body scan while in the contemplative state of focusedattention.f.

Imagine the body as a coherent cloud of vaporous droplets that absorb and diffuse light in the manner of a rainbow.g.

Remaining in that state of awareness, in silence, for a period of time, and then returning to normal consciousness.

Worth a try, she said, having scanned the paper. Is this an actual practice in fact anyway? Interesting stuff!