Fr. Francis Tiso

Thank you for the interview to Fr. Francis Tiso, I don’t know is this is the place to say it, I need to thank you for introducing a really extraordinary person.
Thank you, thank you again.
Andrew and Fr. Tiso are so knowledgeable, their communication is a great pleasure.


Yes a great interview with Fr. Tiso! Fr. Thomas Keating ( was a Catholic priest who had buddhist links. Before dying two years ago he went into a coma and on surfacing he gave his final vision (on You Tube - Fr Keating’s last words) emphasising Silence and Science. Andrew’s upcoming interviews with neuroscientists are very timely, particularly the subject of neuroplasticity.

He also wrote eight poems, presented by Cynthia Bourgeault in ‘Oneness:The Secret Embrace’.

‘An abyss opens up within me
I am falling, falling
Plunging into non-existence.
Is this annihilation?
Or is it the path to the silent love
That we are?
As the false self disappears
The true self is born
Then the dance of human nature with
That which is
Takes on a wholly new perspective
And those who take part in it
Are overwhelmed with laughter
Too deep to be heard’

This brings to mind Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s comment on ‘falling with a parachute…but with no place to land’ He and Thomas had a discussion in 1983 at the Chritian Buddhist Conference on egolessness.


Pretty amazing interview. His work provides an important perspective for me as I am working deeply with the concept of a light body in my nocturnal meditations and practices.

I have just finished the introduction to his book, “Rainbow Body and Resurrection” and I am looking forward to a deeper dive into his interreligious perspective on the role of light in tantric practice.