Hello from Evergreen (Colorado)

I first heard about Andrew about 7 years ago through listening to Ken Wilber (and bought and read “Preparing to Die”). I have an eclectic spiritual background, including following an Indian guru in the 1970s and learning to meditate, transpersonal psychology, mystical Christianity, Buddhism, and Integral theory. I am greatly drawn to learning about nocturnal meditation and intentionally preparing for the future :slight_smile: Also recognize the need for community, teacher, guidance, and support – going it alone only goes so far. Happy to be part of this beautiful community!


Great to see you in the 'club. You’re at ground zero for Andrew’s webinars in CO, and when the tide turns, perhaps in-person attendance “nearby” at Shambhala. You have an wide background and it will be interesting to read what resonates with your experiences in such a rich variety of traditions. What strand of mystical Christianity did you work with? How have your nocturnal practices been?


Hi Barry, thank you for your welcome. I moved to Colorado 2-1/2 years ago from the East Coast and am so happy to be here. Part of the draw was because of the many incredible practitioners/teachers/resources here. My dive into mystical Christianity mostly involved years of reading/contemplation…Thomas Merton, Brother Lawrence, The Cloud of Unknowing, the Desert Fathers, Evelyn Underhill, Elaine Pagel’s books on early Christianity and Gnosticism, and the list goes on. My “nocturnal practices” are only just beginning as I didn’t know until recently that one can be intentional during the night time as well as the day time. Looking forward to this exploration!


I like those background sources which I’ll bet includes Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. My orientation in this area is primarily from a Waldorf School/Steiner perspective, which is interesting to compare and contrast with the Buddhist traditions that inform Dream Yoga practices.