A Greater Power than myself

Hi to all … here’s about me.

I’m from Scotland & live on a remote island.

It feels like much of my life has been predetermined and I’ve struggled with that; like being dragged through a hedge backwards by something Greater than myself. I’d like to have had the normal family & kids life, but the universe had other plans which have taken me a long time to learn to let go and flow to where it wants me!

My deepest passions are: the natural environment, dream analysing, Buddhism, Ancient History, Opera, Classical music and simple living.

Bianca xx


Welcome to the NightClub! Any particular operas?


Thank you for your kind welcome @_Barry
You had me trying to choose as so many. Im more into the voices and individual pieces than a whole Opera. These 3 i have listened to the most, especially the Duetto album :grinning: Do you like Opera and have favourites?


Hello beloved Bianca :feather:
I am SO happy that life brought you here! :dolphin:


I have almost the same passions as you :slight_smile:

Opera not anymore, but in college I was super fan of Callas :slight_smile: she used to touch my heart.
Ancient History and Buddhism interest me deeply when it’s linked to an interesting subject, such as passage to death, and life after death, or to understand better any other subject.

I am passionate about dreaming… in daytime and in the night :sunrise:

I embrace you in Infinite Blessings :sunrise:


I had some exposure to opera years ago when one of my friends was a sponsor of the San Antonio Opera and kept on me for years to attend. I finally broke down after running out of excuses and it was Norman Treagle (a big star in those days) in The Marriage of Figaro, which was truly amazing. However, my favorite singer and songs come from the equally popular Barber of Seville: We met the lead singer John Rawnsley years ago in Singapore and I think his delivery of this tune is the best!

I really like this staging of the finale song of the first scene from “Il Barbiere”, different actors, but really well done:

and, from The Marriage of Figaro, How do you beat Mozart?


:pray:t2: thank you for your beautiful greeting and welcome. How wonderful to meet such a like-minded soul here. Very happy to meet you @BlessingsDeers :revolving_hearts:

Coincidentally i nearly posted Maria Calas

My little dog was called Mimi so this song Sì mi chiamano mimì
from Puccini La Boheme , always reminds me of her.

My love of ancient history too is connected to Buddhism & the Scottish ancient sacred sites.

:butterfly: Infinite Blessings to you too


I love these opera’s, but then i tend to like them all! When i lived in London it was easier to go to the Opera. But not so now.
Yes! Can always rely on Mozart!


“ready for anything, night and day,
nobody has as much fun!”
I LOVE it…
and the two hearts on his fancy jacket! (first video)

thanks for sharing :feather:


sometimes I say “Oh My Goddess!..”
and it seams so appropriate now… hihihi
this was the song that touched me most deeply…
her voice is…

I was curious about the Scottish ancient sacred sites… :slight_smile:
I will be visiting Ireland in end of April 2024, and I am fascinated with what I’m discovering along the way… and some rituals from there… so simple and powerful, such as the home blessings ritual - that I have already done in my car! hihihi

Thank you for your Blessings :pray:t3:


That is AMAZING! Lots of synchronicity happening here @BlessingsDeers … ive no doubt your visit to Ireland :four_leaf_clover: will be awesome with you loving ancient history like myself that finds it all so intriguing.
You’ll discover Ireland has a lot of mysterious hidden history like the famous ancient sacred sites of Tara Hill (Tara in Buddhism?) And Newgrange.

Robert Moss wrote a book called The King’s Irishman.


uau! I am going to see this very attentively… thank you so much for sharing…


For what its worth, Ekhart Tolle has a great quote, simple, yet brilliant:

“normal = insane”

He gives a great explanation for why this is true so much of the time, cant find the video where he says it, this one kinda does:

How so?

Do you buy into Western Astrology?


Great minds think a like :slightly_smiling_face:

I share all those passions, minus the Opera. Not an area I know anything about. Excited to check out the videos you posted though.

Love to learn more about Dream Analysing.

I have learned so much about Buddhism on this site, and it made me realize how little I know.

Appreciate your voice and insights on here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Beloved Bianca (and all curious, conscious spirits here),

I have watched the third video, with the connection of Ireland (and Europe) to Egypt, and I have something to share with you that I think you might find interesting :star_struck:

My son died in 2010 and I was intuitive the whole time, leading me to a celebration of his death, where several details naturally occurred that had similarities to an Egyptian way of dying. I had never read about these things. There were incredible synchronicities happening throughout the whole process, connected to the Catholic Church - He had the accident on the Trinity Day (which an uncle of mine had consecrated him to), and the day of the cremation was the day of the Body of Christ (there are just two details among many other). I also dreamt the night before the accident, that he was going on a different direction than mine. You can read about it in English here if you feel like it, from his father’s words (Words | klauswuttig). My experience is here in Portuguese (Partida do João Mateus | Vanda Cristal).

Today, watching the third video you shared, I saw the lions on the tomb, that I had seen a few weeks ago, on an unexpected adventure, where I visited a very special place. I had organized the journey for several months to the area around, and did not know what was about to happen.

A few days before I had shared a dream with a deeply intuitive woman (in Robert Moss’s class), helping me to see possibilities and perspectives of better understanding my dream. Several actions came to me from what Robert Moss calls the Lightening Method (The Robert Moss BLOG: Let's reward each other for remembering and sharing dreams), one of them, to research about (Queen) Elizabeth of Portugal, since she is one of several incredible Portuguese women, honored in a project I am co-creating with a friend.

I have come across precious information about her:
» One connected with her grandmother aunt (Saint Elizabeth of Hungary);
» Another with her death: it seams that in the process of taking her body from where she died, to where she is now, in a seven days journey, her body experienced a natural mummification.
» I have also found out, through a Portuguese medium, that Elizabeth of Portugal was sometimes with Chico Xavier in spirit.

I got SO excited that I planned to visit her grave, since I was traveling the day after to a place nearby (34 minutes from there).

When visiting the church, where a silver and crystal tomb is with the uncorrupt body of Queen Elizabeth of Portugal, together with an impressive gothic tomb from the 14th century ordered by her, in a secluded chamber only accessible with a guide, you can almost forget that she was human. Which is a paradox, because she was canonized for being so kind and generous.

I can’t imagine how it would be being a woman in those days, but I have the impression that, if she didn’t go consciously into the after death, at least, she tried to. Perhaps, like in my case, just being intuitive and honoring her genes. I feel we already know it all. We just need to be grounded and follow life’s guidance.

I believe her intention was to die pure, when being in the presence of her sculptured stone tomb - the most impressive for me, was the angel with the blue wings, holding her inner child to take her - with no material possessions and pure. Another detail was how her eyes were open and looking so awake in to the sky. I was impressed by the six lions in the base. She had two dogs at her feet, and one on her left side, and another one on her right side. Also two angels, one on each side of her.

Christ was with her and all the nuns (“Clarissas” - female Franciscans) on one side, with Francisco of Assisi, and the twelve apostles, and Christ on the other side of the tomb.

The lion with wings representing Marcus and the winged bull, representing Lucas. An eagle. Also saint John and Jesus’ mother.

You can read (in Portuguese) several articles. Here are some links:

The amazing stone one, ordered by her:
(With a picture)

General information about the tombs:

The silver and crystal:

Thesis about the silver and crystal tomb (in Portuguese):

My dreams the day after I visited her:

  1. I was with a client (she did a consultation with me before - I was in doubt if it was one woman or another, or perhaps a mixture of two women that are my clients) and we were crossing waters. I was saying to her that it was good for her to have a consultation with me and her husband with another person.

Woke up feeling good and wondering if one of them will contact me soon.

  1. I was in a family constellation watching a foreign woman “being constellated”. I had a strong impression of her being Queen Elizabeth of Portugal after writing the dream in my journal.

At some point, she invited me to come in, together with two other persons who speak Portuguese.

I went without seeing, to feel the energy better, and when I realized, I was all over her, representing a man. She started crying. When someone (or her) said: " It’s tome to let go", she cried even stronger. The more she would do it, the more I would cling onto her, grabbing her.

The guide then said to stop because she was not ready to truly let go.

I woke up feeling funny because for some time, I was worried that I had some hairs in my legs, concerned of not looking perfect, because I was wearing shorts (the same clothes I slept with, which are not common to me).

I also woke up asking myself if this was a family constellation for the woman behind the Saint… and the man I was representing being Dionisius (The King who died before her, but with this dream I had a strong impression that they were still stuck/intertwined/mixed to each other ).

I reentered the dream in Class with Robert Moss, and finished the work. I said to the woman “it’s time to let go, to release.” She thanked me and he went into the light. She also thanked that I had shared this with the group. And she also went into the light.

I felt a huge release also in my heart, a conclusion of energy mixed with a man that I worked with for two years. It was very intense and then life just sent us on different directions. I felt this to be an Alleluia moment. And I am happy to share this with you.


  1. painting of Elizabeth of Portugal by Francisco de Zurbarán, around 1640.
  2. print screen of the image on the link I shared above
    stone tomb of the Queen
    The church has a pleasant smell and the air is fresh there. The look and the light is fascinating…

The stone tomb you can see here, was built for her grand daughter who died at two, and it was ordered by her (Queen Elizabeth of Portugal). You can see three beautiful lions and the angels, and many saints with her.


my favorite part in this video is his and other people’s laughter… hihihi :wink:


yes, he wrote “The King’s Irishman” :star_struck: That is the title of the UK edition of the novel published in the US as “Fire Along the Sky”. The second edition is expanded to include an unusual epistolary exchange in which the protagonist is writing from his retirement villa in Sintra (Portugal - an area that I love… there’s a forest there that I visit regularly).

Isn’t that awesome?

Here’s the origin of that book…

@NightHawk999 I think you will LOVE this story…

with Love.


@NightHawk999 Thank you :pray:t2:

Yes! Simple but Brilliant!
Thanks for sharing clip, made me laugh so much!
The bit about the parents “… and then switch on the screen” :rofl: & the next quote :rofl::rofl:
Sadly but true: Eckhart “mostly it’s the collective dysfunction of the human mind.” Which I’ve been a member of :laughing:

In the way that the ocean can’t just be a calm ocean! :ocean:

I’m intrigued by it and in AWE of the ancient seers; their wisdom in forecasting left written by their discovery of the patterns of planets & stars! Like the 13th star sign Ophiuchus. And planet Venus 8 year cycle creating a 5 pointed petal or pentagram.

Are you interested in astrology?

Its so great!!! The shared interests are certainly bringing members together :revolving_hearts:

@NightHawk999 … we spoke before over a year ago. When i suggested how dream journaling would help with interpreting them.
Even though ive practiced Buddhism a long time, i feel there will always be more to learn which i have in these last few weeks here.

Thank you! Very much appreciate your voice and knowledge too! :hugs::butterfly:


Hello dear @BlessingsDeers :butterfly::pray:t2:
Thank you so much, i feel honoured you shared your story with me. I read your post this morning but sorry i couldn’t reply because i had to do some work. But it stayed in my mind all day. I cant imagine how it felt to loose your son in such tragic circumstances. Your husbands words were incredible beautiful and certain parts i read gave me the ‘angel tingles’ i call them.

It appears synchronicity is definitely happening between us. The things that happened with Queen Elizabeth of Portugal. Theres lots of ancestors from Portugal in Ireland i read.

I agree , although i have to admit lifes guidance is often complicated to fathom.

This is so amazing! So because of Andrew interview with Robert you were encouraged to take Roberts course and you were able to join up with her :pray:t2::woman_fairy:
You’re benefiting immensely!

Thank you for the photos, helped me understand your amazing experience. :rose:

@BlessingsDeers :purple_heart: Thank you for sharing



Synchronicity :hugs::butterfly:

I shall look forward to reading later. Thank you :pray:t2::purple_heart:


@mbready this woman performed the miracle of the roses… she was the third woman in history doing it. and she was naturally mummified on the 7 days journey from where she died to the place she’s still at - her non corrupt body.


thank you for the warmth I feel in your words.