💤 Deeper Messages In Dreams

I was watching this video where @Andrew is interviewed and at 27:00 the subject of deeper meaning in dreams came up.

Andrew Holecek ~ “Dreams are colossally important in the level of dream interpretation. I work with these all the time. The non-lucid dreams are treasures. Not all my dreams are lucid. They can send messages from the unconscious mind.”

The reason it resonated with me is because I’ve been recently having precognitive dreams. What i don’t understand is why.

On 20th December just before waking and lucid a Formless realm Being told me about 2 future World Events; the months they would happen in 2024 but not the details, more like too prepare for something big.

Another non-lucid dream I had 2 days ago also predicted a huge energetic wave coming and to ground myself. That seems to have happened yesterday evening, as i read online some energetic wave hit the earth about 9pm GMT many felt paralysed by it, but not myself, probably because I took precaution yesterday.

Is there others here having anything similar recently? Am I tapping into a collective “timeline” I’ve heard this coin of phrase recently.


Recently, I’ve been encountering new types of entities that display remarkable skills in the dream realms. Not long ago, I came across one during a non-lucid dream. My mind struggled to fully comprehend what I was witnessing. As a result, I abruptly left the dream, only to wake up with a sense of instant regret. Intriguingly, the encounter seemed to transcend into my waking life as well. I own a sound maker that often emits repeating patterns in the presence of certain energies, and this was one of the most noticeable interference patterns I’ve heard in my white noise sound maker to date.

Determined to reconnect with this being, I attempted a Wake-Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) technique. Despite experiencing several WILDs in succession, I was unable to locate the entity that had appeared to me.

To answer the question, yes, I’ve also sensed an increase in energies, especially in the unconscious realms.

Regarding premonitions, my experiences have been limited to dreams that predict events of the following day. I haven’t yet had premonitions that forecast months into the future. I recall a psychic convention I watched in snippets on YouTube. One of the main speakers advised documenting visions with timestamps. Their preferred method was emailing the predictions to themselves, then patiently waiting to see if the premonitions materialize. This practice, they suggested, helps in validating psychic abilities to skeptics.

That’s about all I can think of related to the recent phenomena you mentioned.



Very cool.

How often do you have them?


Wow ! :exploding_head: What a night! :dizzy: To think this all happened after watching the interview in 1st post yesterday!

Because of this precognitive dream about 2 future events this year, I had on the 20th December that has been repeatedly playing in my mind since, when I went to bed last night I asked & repeated at least 10 times “What is the future event?”. So i fell asleep and lucidly dreamt this dream; this is what I was shown. (An AI generated pic from dream description)

LD : In the dream i saw 2 men raising a wooden cross; pulling it up with 2 ropes on a brown earthen landscape. The men are brothers called Benjamin and Luke, their mother is called Stella. (Is the Stella connected to Stella Maris, which means “star of the sea,” was also a title given to the Virgin Mary).

I was completely lucid in the dream & because I knew I’d asked for clarity from a past precognitive dream knew this was the answer. I was concerned I would forget this message as I knew it was early morning & still sleeping. I waited patiently inside the LD, continually repeating the above scene over & over for what seemed like at least an hour. I eventually believed it was etched deeply enough to recall when I woke up.

So I then had another lucid dream. I was living in a community with lots of neighbours & a donkey entered the front door of my home, ran into my kitchen at the back, jumped onto the countertop into the sink that was full of water. It curled up looking contented bathing in the bowl of water.

This morning after recording my dream experiences I was not familiar with the meaning of “Donkey”. I checked all my past dream records & found only one entry.

(12 Jan 24)



Thank you for sharing these experiences, as it helps me to understand that others here have similar extra-ordinary happenings to them. Have you tried to investigate why?

Are you happy to share?
Was this before we watched Amanda Lorence recent video a week ago? I watched 2 weeks after my precognitive dream.

that suggests an Event this year, but im beginning to see or read about lots of others saying the same. This could be tapping into a collective thought. I wonder if its an Event thats manifesting because peoples past beliefs. We live in a (Mind) holographic multidimensional Universe .

I saw the likes of this comment:
“The Return Of Pluto:
Wow what a crazy week it’s been in the world of energy, the solar flares from December have sure caused a stir. We have been spending some time away from technology. Those around us have been telling us how many people have fallen sick and are off work at the moment. This is the physical outward playing of the light entering the earth and forcing us to purge up all that is not in alignment with who we truly are, as I mentioned in my energy update there is nowhere to hide now.”

I too for a long time tend too have the same.

That’s a good idea if wanting validation :+1:
I just record in my dreams on an old iPad.


@NightHawk999 :blush: very nice to see you are back!

I use to have a lot years ago of long or short forecast premonitions , but for a long time now I will usually just have a precognitive dream for the near future and usuallyalways personal. Nothing like this dream of a World future Event. Especially when around the 20th December I was jlvery much just present, meditating and just relaxing listening & sharing Christmas songs :christmas_tree: in NC and not associating with the future.

Have you something about precognitive dreams to share?

In the video (1st post) at 33:00 Andrew gives example of his important precognitive dream message he had.


I’ve had some experiences with white noise machines that I’ve never really looked into, mainly because I think I understand why they happen. The first time it ever happen was when I saw what looked like an alien in the third dimension. I’ve mentioned this dream before – the dream I had after the encounter involved a being tying me down to a rectangular table and adjusted something on me that looked like a knob. I could hear different sound frequencies then they released me and disappeared. It was quick, the dream scene shifted to a river with trees lining the banks, and there was this huge antenna sticking out of the water. I interpreted this as a sign, maybe they were suggesting that having more water in our bodies aids in communication.

But here’s where it gets weirder. When I woke up from that dream, I heard this distinct, repetitive white noise pattern. It wasn’t random – the length of each tone and the timing of the pattern was too precise. Since then, I’ve been convinced that this kind of white noise is somehow connected to interdimensional experiences.

Sent a message about this.

My encounters were before watching her video although I really enjoyed both of her videos! (I watched them both fully after you shared them - she has such a kind, open and caring heart).

I had a preminition dream not last night but the night before and it was fulfilled yesterday. Has something to do with the boards here :smiling_face:. The precognition presented itself in a very different form than I am used to. Generally they play out as dream scenes, this time there was clear text and visible energy surrounding the precognition.


I sent you a message about this one. I have noticed this also.

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Is the “white noise” like the those graphs about the Schumann Resonance?

A lot recently. This the latest.

Its nice to think you were possibly being healed with a rebalancing of some sort.

I often sleep so heavily i wonder where ive been in my sleep.

Lovely scene to change too, the river of life. I too believe in the same “water” theory. Seeing our bodies have 75% water, and electric shock used to restart heart.

If you’re very sensitive you could be tuning into the earths frequency especially that its having change.

Thanks, have replied.

I felt the same about Amanda. Some of her older videos are interesting too.

The sounds cool and intriguing. I too had a dream where a large equation was written across a blue sky. Problem was i was unable to memorize it all before the scene changed.

Amazing youre seeing energy.


Christopher Robinson sees the future in his dreams. Many years worked with the Police, secret agencies, and saved people from seeing crimes, bombs going off, planes crashing etc. In his dream he was given the zip or post codes. He saw UFOs and had a heart attack where he met Beings. An extraordinary story.


Looking for current info on him but there doesn’t seem to be anything much in the 2020s.


He has a twitter account

Heres another video


This is the second interview he did with the same interviewer:

Also there is a documentary about him:



Thanks for sharing, i didn’t see there was a 2nd. Amazing the indepth he shared of the precognitive dreams he had of the twin towers.

I watched all 3 of those YT videos with Christopher Robinson. All offer a lot of different topics about his dreams of the future as well as UFO ship experiences where aliens helped him with a heart problem he had and a diaphragm tear was repaired.

What resonates about Christopher’s experiences is that like he says many people are like him but are not taken seriously, and thought of as crazy. Christopher’s story tells the OTT extent he went to, to warn people of a threat to peoples lives and were ignored.


Is the Pope Catholic?


Nice to be back, missed you.

Curious symbolism of the cross & the men

Nothing came to mind when I read it.


I think think stella is connected to sky :star_struck: :wink:

What is your interpretation of the symbols?



Yeah! Maybe unlike other members use to you disappearing, id only known you to regularly NC chat, so when you weren’t around i missed that! And i was concerned about you.

Yes it looks that way :thinking:. Remember the image needs to be put into the context of my first precognitive message

Because this was concerning me i asked for clarification, asking:
“What is the Event?”
This was the answer

The message was delivered by a formless Being not really a dream just seeing with my 3rd eye the very short image of 2 brothers (i know whos mother is Stella) erecting a large wooden cross.

:smiling_face::+1:Thanks for the clarity, i did 1st think Star

My dream symbol for Brothers means= All our brothers together and mankind.

I don’t have an interpretation for a cross, has never appeared in my dreams or visions before.

Left with another conundrum.



Well, superficially, doesn’t look like the most positive omen (if that is for crucifixion). But i guess it depends largely on:

What were you feeling when you saw the cross?

Could be claiming a new territory thats been converted or infused with the holy spirit



What emotions were you feeling in the dream when you saw the cross?

How accurate are the dimensions of that pic? The cross looks bigger than traditional crucifixions.



First feeling was surprise!
I was lucid, and knew this was the answer to my question " What is the Event".
Surprise, because it was not what i expected.
Felt like a very positive sign.

The pic is spot on for size. Very large & heavy wooden cross. It didn’t feel like a crucifix at all. More like a giant signpost.


Wow :exploding_head:

A new bit of info to understanding the deeper meaning of a dream.

On 12 January 2024

I generated this pic from PIKA AI video maker.

The only slight difference is that the cross is not completely straight, it is being pulled by ropes into the upright position. Its on a slight lean to the right.

Then today 17 January i see in my YT list

Here is another interpretation of the meaning of the cross. :latin_cross:

Between 35:00 - 45:00 minutes explains.