First lucid dream in very long time

After 91 days of being on this site, on Thursday, I had my first lucid dream in a very long time.

Appreciate the help from many of the members on here.

It was short, and I lost the dream completely when I blinked, and it caused me to wake up.

A lot to look forward to.


Congratulations! Its wonderful when an intention comes to fruition. I think I read you record your dreams, are you learning to interpret them? Having a dream language to access the collective consciousness means as you lucid dream more regularly you’ll be able to instantly interpret the message (as well as normal dream).
For anyone wanting to start learning to interpret your dreams 1st buy a good Dream Dictionary. Mine found me in a charity shop (10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Pamela Ball). Then your dreams will use your dictionary books interpretation making it specific to you (This is why so many dream books have different interpretations). Having done this 10 years I now have a personal fluent dream communication, which has proved to be a great tool for reliable guidance on the Dharma path. Lastly I use the App ‘Notes’ to record my dreams, as it has a search engine; search a word and discover your patterns in dreams.
(As I’m new on this site, apologises if this topic has been covered)


" I think I read you record your dreams, are you learning to interpret them?"

hey thank you Bianca, I am slowly learning the interpretation of dream symbols. I am pretty new to all this.

I keep a journal and have for over 3 months. That has helped a lot.

I do believe what you are saying as well. I am finding that it is very similar to learning a new language that uses pictures and images rather than words to communicate. Very cool and very interesting.

@Bianca_Aga , what are your thoughts on premonition dreams? How often do you have them?

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Thats great!

When premonition dreams or visions started for me (2004) I didnt know what to do with them, but later learnt that the ‘mystery’ in the forecasting pushes ‘the Seeker’ further and accumulates ‘intention’.

“How often do I have them?”
Sometimes often, sometimes not, just depends where my intention is focused on the most. I’ll get dreams (in my dream code language) signing me of personal future situations like ‘new doors opening’ or a warning to be aware of a situation that’s coming up.

I agree “very cool and very interesting”! All in all Dreams are an incredible source of information and Guide.

What about you?

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Don’t get them often. But had 2 this month. Have not been keeping a dream journal for more than a few months, so don’t really knw the full frequency.

I can see the dreams being very helpful with that.

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I guarantee the continued effort will reap much reward! Especially when you’ll be able to translate messages during lucid dreaming.

Extraordinarily helpful! Once I was booked to go on a summer camp. Then a dream showed me I could set myself a long way back (on the Dharma path) and loose my place. I cancelled!

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how long have you been keeping a dream journal for?

what are some major take aways you have learned from communication with your dreams, and learming the dream language?

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Dream journaling since 2008.

“Major Take Aways”

✼ For lucid & non-lucid.
Two types of dreams.

  1. You are ‘watching’ the dream action like watching a movie. The Watcher is your Higher Self (that knows all)
  2. You are in the dream action itself.

✼ The beginning of a dream is important to remember because it sets the subject/topic (title) and gives more meaning to the dream content. E.g if start of dream you’re inside an old house; Old is the past. House/home is the Self. Therefore topic is about an earlier or past situation.

✼ Any person in your dream represents an aspect of yourself. Keep a log of Names with 3 positive things about them. These become the ‘aspects’ the dream content will use to convey its message. If a person is younger than you, this means an earlier past experience, around same age is about the present/near future and an old person is the wisdom from experience aspect.

✼ If inside a building the dream wants you to know its discussing what is unconscious or unaware. If outside, like a street or countryside the dream’s suggesting something you’re already aware of. E.g. If you’re standing in a lush green field:- “On the subject of … (something you’re aware of) has great potential for growth”.

I could go on… but the main thing is if you want to fluently interpret your dreams; which can guide you to the awakened state, pure knowingness etc, the Higher Self needs a large dictionary of interpretations to communicate, but try keeping each meaning as short as possible. E.g.
Attic=what we keep hidden. Blue=healing taking place. Car=what being driven by. Dog=unconditional love, loyalty .