💤 Deeper Messages In Dreams

After watching this I was curious about Matt LaCroix’s history. He seems to have delved deep into a lot of the ancient civilizations. He is very articulate… some of the topics he covers seem complex. Glad there are people like him pushing to expand the knowledge about early civilizations.

Here is what I found about him, might check out one of his books down the road:

Matt LaCroix’s journey as an author and researcher in the field of ancient civilizations and esoteric teachings began after college. He published his first major book, “The Illusion of Us,” at the age of 32, which reflects his extensive research into the past, human origins, the gods of antiquity, and consciousness. This book marked a significant point in his career, laying the foundation for his future work. In 2019, LaCroix released his second book, “The Stage of Time,” which delved into ancient texts, evidence for lost civilizations, spiritual wisdom, and theoretical physics. His third major book, “The Epic of Humanity,” co-written with Billy Carson, came out in 2022 and focused on the human story, the timeline of lost civilizations, and ancient catastrophes. LaCroix has appeared on shows like “Ancient Civilizations” on Gaia and “The UnXplained” on the History Channel, and hosted “Mystery School of Truth” on 4Biddenknowledge TV. He has also been a guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows [❞] [❞].

Interesting interview, thank you for sharing.

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Thats a n important point.

Maybe representing peace in the middle east? Its been achieved once before, it can happen again.

At church on Christmas the paster made note of how much dischord and disharmony had manifested in the world over the past 3 years with 2 Wars.

Perhaps this is the crucifixion of one or both of those wars in the next year or 2?

Who knows.

The fact that the cross overlooks a possible city or civilization is worth noting as well.


Thank you for sharing that information about Matthew Lacroix, he definitely looks to be someone to follow his future discoveries. Since i watched this video earlier i noticed a strong energy around me to do more research.


Im currently having a lot of formless Beings clairaudient messages. Comforting to hear Andrew speak of believing in them.

0:37 “If you believe in wisdom entities and forces bigger than yourself”


Very helpful video thank you


“Predicting the near future is vital in guiding behavior and is a key component of theories of perception, language processing and learning, says Jeffrey M. Zacks, PhD, WUSTL associate professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences and lead author of a paper on the study in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.”