🪲 Just a Coincidence?

Thought this update of a previous topic deserved a new thread. I find it very well written and useful to think about.


@_Barry … enjoyed this :+1:had me thinking about so many coincidences this past week since engaging here in NC chat room. Even my dreams changed! The first flying one for a long time. And a dream about being with a like minded community with a connection to the Buddha Eyes i saw on Kathmandu Boudhanath stupa.
The green scarab beetle is my sign for my green Beetle car!


" It’s one thing to be told that the rational choice is to believe in something; it’s another thing to actually believe it even if you want to. When asked how one is to make oneself believe if they don’t already, Pascal’s advice was to fake it at first. Spend time with religious people, pray to God, act as if it’s true and ultimately it will become second nature. Perhaps we can take his advice and ‘fake’ it at first, and see what happens. One way to get started is to begin to properly research and do experiments of your own, like I did. Understand that dismissal of a hypothesis out of hand is anti-scientific. If you really want to know the truth, some dedication to rigorous research on the topic is required.

It’s ironic how many materialist scientists have not actually researched the ideas that they are lambasting. Hypotheses concerning acausal phenomena such as synchronicity, ESP, telepathy, mediumship, psychic abilities of any sort, for this type of person, are not worthy of proper analysis. They are not worth analysis at all. To them, they are wrong, a priori . As a scientist, I find this unacceptable if we are truly searching for truth. So jump in and at least make an attempt at discovery, even if it’s difficult at first. Addressing the possibility of synchronicities in a logical, rational way might just lead you to discovering they exist and, thus, provide you with the beginnings of a much more meaningful existence. Open your eyes and mind to a new understanding and see what Jung understood, that “synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”"

Well said


@NightHawk999 @_Barry

Could say this is why I’m following synchronicities here on NC , like the current post on ’ A Greater Power than myself’ (don’t know how to link it here).
The reason i returned here recently, after a brief liaison last year on NC, was simply because i was receiving lots of email notifications and without much thought just clicked on one email leading me back here.
I would say it was the “Synchronicity” that got my attention! :revolving_hearts::butterfly:


I have come to view everything as a lesson or a synchronicity in some sense, as Moss indicates, I just have to be open. I am finding that they keep tumbling into dreams, when I remember them, and in the daytime, when I step back a bit and observe how my mind works. Not sure about how anyone else’s mind works because while we’re all made of the same stuff, but with different mazes up there to get to where we are going. Or not.


This sounds like a good simple piece of advice i also should take on board.

You too ! Especially today … . since i woke up this morning ive had streams of synchronicity, signs etc.

Such a small quote with a huge message. Stepping back, reminds me of the “pause meditation” Andrew talks about.
I like your analogy:

What i find that causes me a distraction to then investigate is when i hear a formless Being speak into my ear. Usually just a few cryptic words. Todays were “This is the first phase of the exodus”. If i was to just step back and see how my mind reacts, i may be getting somewhere.


@_Barry @NightHawk999
And the coincidences or synchronicity continues lol!
Just visited another chat room ive not been to for a while. Have a read of this @NightHawk999 see any cool synchronicities :joy:


Pretty Amazing!

How cool is that! Definitely a very powerful synchronicity, that made my day :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it a site that deals with dreaming, or a completely different topic?


Its a private subscription site by an English guy Arthur (Pendragon), nothing to do with dreams. He’s had lots of similar experiences as us here and talks about ancient history. I find his stories about those experiences interesting. His latest story he kept saying Ophiuchus & Arcturus.
Id given up on going to his site & cancelled my subscription 2 days ago. Scotland over past 3 days has had some rare freak storm Babet, high winds & enormous floods. As i watched the constant torrent of rain all day yesterday i thought “this is Biblical” and the heard very clearly (im clairaudient) a formless Being say “Its the first phase of the Exodus”. This is the reason i returned to Arthur’s site (renewing my subcription) because he talks about these things.


I got the vibe that you might be psychic, very cool to find out you are clairaudient! :star_struck:

I think synchronicities run on a spectrum from being really big, to kind of small. This one, I personally believe was a REALLY REALLY BIG ONE:

I dont know what it means, but my guess is it is hammering home the importance of learning about your Sun Sign, and having your Birth Chart done (if you have never had it done before, and are interested, I can send you some free links so you can do it). Like I said, it was a huge benefit for me on my spiritual path, but much more importantly, it helped me learn to connect with people on a far deeper level. And if our job is to preserve and spread the Dharma, I cant think of a better way to do so with Skillful Means .

One insight that hit me late yesterday after replying to the Skellig video, was that that place would be a PERFECT spot to observe all sorts of astronomical events, becuase they are so high up, and have a full 180 degree view of the night sky. (One of the main reasons ai think it was so sacred). The only downside is the storms and clouds, but often after a storm passes, the high pressure systme that follows makes for prime viewing conditions.


Thank you for sharing. To me it makes a lot more sense why I had a dream three nights after your return.

This is re-affirmation of what I have come to see in my presence also (I only follow synchronicities).

One of my favorite songs at the moment, just because it says:

‘Exodus, now we’re free
New beginnin’ like we prophecied
Now, it’s time we hear the legacy

Doesn’t matter, what the world might say
We could do it anyway
Rise above, never fear the fall
Move mountains and break these walls
Yeah, they know that we’re fearless
Touch the sky, there’s no limit
Light is here, we rise and lift away

We defy gravity.’

Been working on some artwork that speaks to my heart the past week. This one especially means a lot to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Thought this one turned out pretty good too:

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Very cool, kind of reminds me of the movie Tron Legacy


@NightHawk999 :smiling_face: you got the vibe… i believe most here are psychic & have many of these atributes that come with the territory of lots of meditation, prayers, mantras, retreat in silence etc.

I agree. I commented on Isabellas post and amazingly Arthur replied (he never replys like Andrew on here.) Id mentioned id (clairaudient) heard the name Athena, he said was incarnation of Sofia.

Never had my birth chart done, because i know the time of my birth is false, not pushed for the truth. What i dont understand is how depending where you live determines your birthday day & not gaged from one time zone. Appreciate your idea :pray:t2:

Would be awesome!!! You may also see more than that! Theres an island called Isle of Brasil just west but its invisible.
Brasil (mythical island) - Wikipedia.
Psychics see it. It was plotted on maps 1300’s to late 1800’s but no more. Sounds like Shambala at Mount Kailash.



What an amazing synchronicity, youre welcome and feel more positive about what i shared, especially if it helps.

The song from Valley Of Wolves is beautiful & amazing verses! I came face to face with a wolf in the Himalayas. I was staying in an old village stone house & about 2am had to go out in the snow to use the hole in the ground toilet, there it was 10ft from me. We both just froze staring at each other. It then slowly walked away! Phew!

Love your artwork! Why does this one speak to you? Have you seen a spaceship?


Great point, Andrew talks about relative Siddhis developing and being quite common when people do those things, I think he added yoga to the list too.

Very cool, I definitely think that is

I think living in tune with these synchronicities, especially the major ones makes life so much more fullfilling.

You can still do it without the exact birth time, just put noon as the time. It will affect the moon position, and mercury very slightly, but not enough to make the chart worthless. The fact that you are a meditator, and pretty in tune with things, means you could probably figure out where their actual positions are, if the chart has them falling on the cusp of a sign.

Not sure Imunderstand your questions about the time zones.

Very cool, never heard of this. Anytime you increase the height of view (600ft) the distance you can see also increases.


Thank you, I’ve had several intense interactions with foreign/alien beings, one of which occurred in waking reality, albeit very briefly and fleetingly. The rest have taken place within lucid and non-lucid dreams.

In my dreams, I’ve had many experiences with spaceships and foreign/alien beings. It’s worth noting that the beings dont always show up with spaceships. Catching these crafts in a dream is often challenging, but when I succeed, I find they are not just mere vehicles. They act more like gatekeepers or guides. Once I engage with them, the dream scene typically transforms, guiding me through various trials that I perceive as deeply meaningful interactions or lessons. These episodes are incredibly vivid and complex, filled with a sense of intelligence that feels vastly superior. The control these entities exhibit within the dream is truly extraordinary.

These experiences usually extend beyond the dreams themselves. They bleed into my waking reality, influencing my thoughts and emotional connections to these beings. They also inspire my creative expressions. This ongoing influence is often accompanied by powerful synchronistic events in my waking life, reinforcing the profound connection I feel with these encounters.

Responding to the initial question: the image is an ethereal form I am fine tuning. I often imagine what it would be like to embody such a form within our third dimension. It would be a remarkable sight, potentially broadening people’s perception of what is possible.

This scenario is reminiscent of ancient tales where monks would move their hands through solid stone in front of a select group of followers. However, it would be on a grander scale. With freedom from gravity the form would be able to travel and inspire many.


@mbready … Wonderful! Thank you for sharing, i really enjoyed reading about your experience, which remind me of this lady in this video who talks about her life on a spaceship, who is hypnotised in a QHHT session. The hypnotist was trained by Dolores Canon. Ive had a QHHT in the UK by another student of Dolores which was awesome.
I think you’ll enjoy this video with some surprising synchronicity subjects we’ve been talking about.


I’ve had experience with a reiki practicioner trained by Dolores Cannon and I’ve had a strong synchronicity around the name recently I’ll check that video out :+1:.

I’ve been listening to this book as of late ( https://www.audible.com/pd/In-Love-with-the-World-Audiobook/1984838776 ). I’ve had SO many synchronicities listening to this book it is crazy.

This bit from the book is absolutely amazing:

“Similarly, Dream Yoga practice helps us realize this same nature. Everything is like a dream. There’s no difference between our waking experiences during the daytime and our sleeping dreams at nighttime. When we`re not hindered by duality, we see that everything is a dream. We could also say that everything is real. It’s not that dreams are unreal and this is real. Whichever word we want to use, whether it’s ‘dream’ or ‘reality,’ if everything is real, everything is real. If everything is a dream everything is a dream. Their nature is the same. There’s no difference. That’s what the Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava taught, and to some degree we can experience this.”

Truly amazing book so far. I’ll admit I had a chuckle when he wrote this “The repeating “whum” sound was gaining speed, like helicopter blades after start-up, or, please forgive the outlandish comparison, the sound an alien spaceship makes during takeoff in a sci-fi movie.”



What did you think about her spaceship? Sounded awesome! Everything she speaks about was so fluid as she recounted where she was.
Remember i mentioned our synchronicity abt a book i was reading? Dreams Of The Future by Chet Snow. Abt a hypnotist Helen Wambach (wrote Mass Dreams) in the 1980s who experimented with hypnotism for seeing people’s future incarnation. Her research saw a pattern where she could fit her subjects into one of 4 distinct groups.

  1. In space
  2. New age
  3. High tech
  4. Survivors

Im going to check out this book, seeing theres lots of synchronicity here.

:purple_heart: love this line in this great quote!
I hope you watch that
Amazing video of what happens after death

In the interview she explains we can be living parts of past or future lives in the presence.



Yes ive heard Andrew speak about this and @_Barry sent me this (thanks Barry :blush:) which points out (importantly) these are signposts.

Thats where im flowing here in NC, staying in the presence, experiencing and trusting in that Knowing is guiding.

Thats worth knowing, i might try that. Thank you :pray:t2: