Journey Through Synchronicity: An Open Letter on Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation – Never Intended to be Private

She has a nice perspective on approaching thoughts :+1:.

Regarding the journey I embarked on during that time, your ideas considering both sides of the spectrum are fairly accurate.

The lottery ticket win was a significant synchronicity that served as a guiding light during the three year process of shedding my previous identity and embracing a new path. It was a tangible anchor amidst a sea of change.

Worth noting, when I went to personally visit a pastor it was one of the things I confessed and asked forgiveness for.

Throughout the journey, I had blind faith in following what felt like a mysterious force at that time that continued to prove its power repeatedly. Thinking back on the lottery ticket and the dashcam recording provided me resilience during challenging times when I felt disconnected from the universe. This disconnection would force me to exercise patience and trust in the natural unfolding of events. The universe always seemed to have impeccable timing.

A prime example of synchronicity that I treasure and allowed me tonget through difficult times was a phone call between my mother and my (who I consider to be my) father’s sister. We were all in a car on our way to the Franklin Institute and my father’s sister called to let us know her daughter was pregnant (she was on speakerphone). I could tell my mom had a sudden rush because her voice and speed changed from the norm I am used to and she said that last night she had a dream she came up to me and told me she was pregnant! These moments of connection were the kind sparks that fueled the path I carved out and the exploration of deeper teachings my mother and I were discussing nearly every day.

One of the most significant outcomes of this journey, and what I consider to be one of the main reasons for my journey, was that I was essentially a ‘crash test dummy’ of sorts. Learning from my failures, I tried to lightly guide my mother’s journey without any interference, knowing well that the universe is the best teacher and not me. The only time I’d offer guidance was when she experienced profound events. This was only to ensure she would not the same mistakes I did. My trial and error, or ‘crash test dummy’ phase was a process of understanding the language the universe was speaking to me, and as I grew more proficient, synchronicities began to manifest not only in my life but within my ‘Wolfpack’ as well.

Even today, the universe never ceases to amaze me with its intricate web of interconnectedness. There’s much more to this journey, but I’ll pause here for now.

I made the same point in a post 10 days ago that you liked.

Also, this is my favorite quote from Andrew’s book ‘Dreams of Light’ which I have mentioned many times on the forum.

It was one of the quotes I held onto that helped stabilize my journey. Living this brought a lot of insights.

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A strange thing happen with this one that also helped personally prove spirits were real while I was in the hospital. There was a guy in there who was schizophrenic and he told everyone the voices in his head kept telling him to give me a blow job over and over. I didn’t reveal why they were saying that but dully noted the presences that ware in the hospital were trying to influence my then clear vision (this was after I had pulled the royal flush of hearts and realized what was at stake).

Cheers, they sure can make journeys have a steep learning curve.

Very curious, do you believe in things like the akashik records or the fourth dimension as depicted in the movie Interstellar?

Or do you believe God has exclusive rights to these kinds of things / places?