Synchronicities- dash cam

Hi all, really trying to get Andrew’s opinion on synchronicities like this but all comments are welcome.

I experienced this almost a year ago after going through an abrupt awakening and still look back on this moment with wonder.

To summarize it, I was listening to an audiobook and the book says… you are atop the heights of manifestation… then the book asks “where is the father” and in that moment a power line explodes, lights the night sky purple and then the book says as long as you know he is with you, you will walk in peace.

Love Andrew’s work! Currently I’m listening to the book club recordings on Dreams of Light after completing it myself. I think the discussions add so much value to the journey. Thank you for these books!


This would be a fantastic question for our Thursday Q&A sessions! In case you aren’t able to catch those sessions live, they are also recorded so that you can watch them at your convenience. With the demands on Andrew’s time these sessions are the best resources for these rich questions.
You can find the link to submit questions and access all the recordings below.

Thank you, submitted a question.

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I saw it come through and I’ll make sure and save that for our next Q&A on May 5th.

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