🪲 Just a Coincidence?

I’ve had experience with a reiki practicioner trained by Dolores Cannon and I’ve had a strong synchronicity around the name recently I’ll check that video out :+1:.

I’ve been listening to this book as of late ( https://www.audible.com/pd/In-Love-with-the-World-Audiobook/1984838776 ). I’ve had SO many synchronicities listening to this book it is crazy.

This bit from the book is absolutely amazing:

“Similarly, Dream Yoga practice helps us realize this same nature. Everything is like a dream. There’s no difference between our waking experiences during the daytime and our sleeping dreams at nighttime. When we`re not hindered by duality, we see that everything is a dream. We could also say that everything is real. It’s not that dreams are unreal and this is real. Whichever word we want to use, whether it’s ‘dream’ or ‘reality,’ if everything is real, everything is real. If everything is a dream everything is a dream. Their nature is the same. There’s no difference. That’s what the Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava taught, and to some degree we can experience this.”

Truly amazing book so far. I’ll admit I had a chuckle when he wrote this “The repeating “whum” sound was gaining speed, like helicopter blades after start-up, or, please forgive the outlandish comparison, the sound an alien spaceship makes during takeoff in a sci-fi movie.”