Many Dream synchronicities within our Dream Sangha!

Hello Dreamers,
I am so moved by the more and more synchronicities happening in our Dream Sangha within our dreams!
This morning for example, I dreamt about a tsunami in Hawaii. Suddenly someone else said "I also dreamed about a tsunami in Hawaii. We discovered that we were having the dream at the same time!

Also 3 of us had dream about bears, all three just after the new year!

These synchronicities are fun and fascinating and maybe not at all surprising.

I would like to start keeping track of all these synchronicities, I am already forgetting some of them. Bary, I remember you had synchronicity at the beginning of each of our last several gatherings, would you mind sharing them with us here? And would anyone add any more dream synchronicities?
This could be fun to watch the list become longer and longer!
With Gratitude,

Mary Ann


Four of us. I had a couple with bears, one last week and one the other night (polar bear). Hard to recall all of the other synchronicities but there was one with the painting demonstrated in the wonderful Joan Sutherland video you presented, the scene with the white paint on black, with more white. Each synchronicity reminds me that “This is a dream.”



That’s great to hear! I’m a firm believer that dreams can be shared. We are dreaming now and sharing it, aren’t we :slightly_smiling_face:.

It sounds like there are some exciting developments, and it seems like it’s teetering on the edge of dream sharing - or maybe it was a shared dream. Without firsthand experience, I can’t speculate much beyond that. Here’s to hoping it’s only the beginning!! :heart::beers::clinking_glasses:


I believe it depends upon what the meaning of shared is.


That depends on what the meaning of ‘is’, is…


Me too, its very mind blowing!

Wish I could have made the Sangha earlier.

A few weeks ago a synchronicity that was pretty cool happened a few days after the last group meeting:

Took a break to stretch my legs in a library, and walked to a bookshelf on a whim and did some ‘bibliomany’ as Robert Moss calls it(not something I do very often). I went with my intuition, knowing the section was books on animals, and grabbed one that felt right without looking at title or cover:

it was a book on African wildlife. And in it were some of the best natural photos (of 2 of the animals in your dream) I have ever seen in my life! Jaw dropping and stunning, especially the details captured of their eyes!


@MABennett61 I think you will really appreciate @Bianca_Aga s wisdom and expertise in looking at dream symbols.

She doesn’t do Dream Sangha, but posts here. If you ever have a dream that’s not intimate and that is a real head scratcher ,ask her, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, hello,
Well, i do not follow the dream Sangha group, I am just a subscriber to the NightClub and this time rather exceptionally i checked the weekly summary and got here.
Despite of all this, I had a tsunami in my dream on the 14th January. I did not identify the place, but in the following dream I was landing with a plane at a beautiful place (I am Hungarian, living in Kosovo in Europe now), where I saw a mainland with a steep, very green mountain right at the beach and some smaller islands nearby, very beautiful place. My first reaction was Taiwan, but as you wrote Hawaii, could have been, just my only picture of Hawaii is from the TV series Lost.
And followed on the 19 January by a dream where I had a mother bear and its baby.
I do not remember having these pictures in the past in my dreams. Hmmm very interesting the coincidence indeed.
Greetings :slight_smile:


Thanks for touching base with us. Seems like around that day several people in our dream group had bears in their dreams, mentioned in the Saturday morning meeting online.


Like you im not part of the dream sanga.

My Tsunami dream happened on the 8th of January and that too i was at a beach. All the people on the beach and who had boats were warned to go inland up a green hill.


"In other regions of the United States, different native peoples have various names for the January Moon. The Potawatomi in The Great Lakes refer to it as the “Bear Moon,” while the Haida in Alaska call it the “Bear Hunting Moon.” In The Pacific Northwest, the Tlingit know it as the “Goose Moon.”



@MABennett61 , if you want concrete evidence of synchronicity, look at the post in the Artwork thread on 🎨 Artwork you Love <3 - #121 by NightHawk999

Another member posted this video in the Music thread at the same time
Nov 2, '23 5:58 PM.

Can you spot the synchronicity!?!?!?!?!
#Avicii - Waiting For Love

Happy Wolf (Bear) Moon! :full_moon:

As for other synchronicities there have been many. I have had random precognitive dreams about at least 2 members, possibly 3.