Our New Dream Sangha

Hello Onironauts!
Our new group which meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday morning, has gathered 4 times now.
after our initial welcome and 5 minute meditation, we go into small breakout rooms so that everyone who would like to has time to share. Practices of the night are important to me, so it has been inspiring to hear of other’s experiences first hand. There is a wealth of knowledge in this group.
Please join us!
Mary Ann


Hi Mary Ann, @MABennett61
thanks for this info.
Is this the official Night Club dream sharing group available to Premium Members only or a separate group?
Best wishes

The group is available to our premium members! Here’s the link to the page for your convenience
Dream Sangha

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will try to check it out.

Can you access this group through this website, or do you have to login through Zoom?

How many people are in each breakout room?

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This group meets on zoom!

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3/4 but no more than 4.

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Seems like a good number


Mary Ann,

I had a dream about you last night. You were a teacher in an outdoor classroom on a mountain side. You told the class:

“If you want to ride the horse, you have to sing first”

I really wanted to hop on the horse and go for a ride, but I did not want to sing. So I begrudgingly sang a song, and then got to ride the horse as a reward.

I woke up wodering what the hell that all meant.

Now as I type this, I am thinking It may have something to do with my reluctance to participate in some of the groups on here (I have been making a lot of excuses, most of them illegitamite). Also my lucid dreaming practice is almost non existant (I am averaging less than 1 per year). So putting the 2 together, I wonder if the dream was trying to tell me to get more ‘vocal’ on here?!?!? With the reward being more lucid dreams, something I have been desireing for over 2 years!

Whatever it was trying to communicate, I am excited to join your Dream [Sang]ha group :slightly_smiling_face: