🪲 Just a Coincidence?

@NightHawk999 remember this further up this “Just a Coincidence” thread?

Isabella has just replied. I thought you might be interested.

And her reply after i posted that clip you posted to me she saw.

Come back to add (edit)
After i finished this thread i scrolled through posts & stopped at title Steve Jobs, reading through i found your post @mbready
:astonished: Archangel Michael

Presently theres a big synchronicity with Archangel Michael :dizzy:


I dont think you will be disappointed.

There are 2 links in the astrology thread for free birth charts, I think the cafe astrology site has better resources.

Very interested, thank you for sharing that. Talk about opening the flood gates of synchronicities, Lol! So cool. Thank you Andrew.

Me too, its been on my reading list for over a year, time to pull the trigger.

Not sure if google has been spying on this thread activity, but while looking up matras, this video was suggested:

Have not wtached it yet, but thought I would share with you @mbready & @Bianca_Aga


the Buddhists say something very similar:
“You dont exist”


Love this, there is a costume party at a local casino I was considering going to and this was going to be part of my costume.

I was also known in the hospital for wearing a sticker like this after my first encounter :smiling_face:.

We decided not to go because we are not the nightclub type but it was still a funny coincidence.


That is understandable. Afterall it will be a full moon and lunar eclipse, so odds are it will be a shitshow.

But my advice would be to follow the white rabbit :wink:

The venue might be less than ideal, but you might meet a few interesting people…

If you decide to also hit the craps table bet with the house (the “Dont Pass” line) :cowboy_hat_face:


Love that you picked up on this subtle nod. Didn’t even recognize it and The Mateix is one of my favorite movies. My wife was the one that mentioned the party to me. Initially we were thinking of going for drinks but I don’t enjoy environments like that.

Then I said I’d go just for getting pictures with people in their alien costumes but my wife thought that’d be an odd thing to do (asking random strangers for pictures at a nightclub Halloween party).

This was going to be the other part of my costume :slightly_smiling_face:.


Lol, please remind her that alcohol (and the other intoxicants which will probably be flowing pretty heavily in the crowd) has the tendency to make people far less likely to say no, especially to a simple request of a picture. And becuase most of the people dressing up with cool costumes did so for the attention, I think they would be thrilled to get the compliment and ego boost of having their picture taken. Its also a great ice breaker to start up some interesting dialogues.

Well my friend, there is still time to ‘save Christmas’…

Worst case senario, no one shows up to the party. But I have a feelijg it will draw more than a few people with strong ties to aliens.

Take an afternoon nap, hit up the party and observe the noturnal animals, and worst case senario, you can always leave early and go enjoy the moonlight, preferebly with a ‘bon’ fire :wink:


It is official, we’re going. My wife agrees with your point of view about the pictures.

I’ll try to get some good ones to post here after the alien invasion :smiling_face:.

We won’t be dancing much but we will enjoy ourselves, here is one to get in the mood for Saturday.

Should be fun watching people dance with alien costumes on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Especially like these lines:
“Let me introduce you to my party people in the club,
I’m loose
And everybody knows I get off the chain
Baby it’s the truth, it’s the truth
I’m like Inception
I play with your brain”

Thank you for picking up on the subtle nod. I almost missed out on my personalized version of the universe’s Matrix reenactment!


Anytime my friend, very happy to hear you are going, hope you guys have a wonderful night!

My advice would be to take her out to dinner to a restraunt you both really like first, or one that is one of her favorites.

And, God forbid, if you or her wants to leave early for whatever reason, do so.

Uber would be ideal, but if you plan on drving be VERY careful on the roads.

Looking forward to seeing all the pics :slightly_smiling_face:


I try not to give recommendations that I think will hurt people. I try to give ones that I think will be growth inducing, positive, and profitable (Go back and read the email I sent you this past week :wink:)

I said this because the moon will be in a very favorable position in regards to her moon. Taurus is ruled by Venus, a good meal goes a long way with these folks that deeply appreciate the 5 senses.

The moon and sun placement on saturday will be very disharmonious for her sun. Keep in mind the 72-48 hour rule, she may start feeling it today or tomorrow, if she does at all. Also why I reccommended taking a nap before going.

Dont tell her this, dont want it to become a self forfilling prophecy. Just some things for you to be aware of.

If she decides to not go last minutue, I still think you should check it out, as long as you can behave yourself… :innocent: :cowboy_hat_face:

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She tried this :smiling_face:. Started calculating the money for the costumes, cover and drinks + uber and used this as a reason. I was able to convince her to go.

She has a great costume, will share after we go, looking forward to people watching and getting pictures with :alien:s.

If Bardo is a thing maybe this will be one of those events where I meet back up with my long lost friends, I re-learn a few things and go back home :sparkling_heart:.

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