Intuition, Pineal Gland & Colors in Buddhism, chacras and eyes

I still don’t have a clue of where this will lead… but it all came in a dream with such a strong power that I trust.

What I will do is start with this message to see where they might touch anyone here and let the magic happen…

The dream was inviting me to make a connection between the Buddha families which have different colors, the chacras and the third eye, plus the colors of our eyes. Not simple but intriguing for me…


Madame Blavatsky, the founder of theosophy identified the “third eye” discovered by the comparative anatomists of her time with the “eye of shiva” of the Hindu mystics and concluded that the pineal body of modern man is an atrophied vestige of this organ of spiritual vision (Blavatsky 1888, vol. 2, pp 289-306).

Dr. Joe Dispenza writes the following about this gland:
“The pineal gland is a crystalline super conductor that sends, and also receives, information though the transduction of energetic vibrational signs (frequency beyond the senses, also known as quantum field) translating it into biological tissues (brain and mind) through significant images, in the same way as an antenna translates several channels into a television screen. (…) The crystals in our pineal gland, who function as a cosmic antenna, are the door into these higher vibrational planes of light and information. This is how we have inner experiences that are more real than the external ones.”

I have come across with a brilliant doctor who is also an autopsy doctor, with a special focus on the pineal gland. He also experienced an after death, watching everything that was happening in the emergency - he died and the doctors brought him back.

Through Electronic Micrography of the Human Pineal, being part of his thesis (also presented at the Harvard Medical School) has discovered apatite crystals in all the pineal glans he has studied. He also discovered blood vessels in it, meaning that they are alive structures receiving life form the heart. Meaning that the crystals in the pineal are active. The crystals have electrodes around them, and thoughts enter the brain through this mechanism. Emitting thoughts is like a radio (just like discovered by Jose Silva), we can capture and send waves. Apatite gathers a cloud of expressive electrons, like an antenna that de-codifies the information of the field and translates them into the cells - @Andrew you might enjoy this part. through a scan he discovered that the alfa wave of the brain activates de pineal gland. This author says that the capture of the spirit is made by the pineal and that the strength of the spirit is looking with love - to see and recognize. The frequency of the electromagnetic capture in our pineal is the frequency of love, forgiveness and fraternity.

Here’s a video of him in Brazilian (@Agama and @NightHawk999 can understand) - I looked into other videos of him and none has English subtitles…

I like this one especially because it was delivered to young students and it’s highly creative, fun and exciting.
He reminds us that:
» the pineal gland is like an antenna, capturing magnetism that is transformed into neuro chemistry The magnetism registers the information and through the magnetic wave it sends out emotional and mental information, and registers it in the body;
» our pineal is regulated by light and the absence of it;
» the pineal gland is the only organ that deals with the dimension of time/space, and it also deals with the astrophysical space.
» The moon regulates the pineal gland in similar mechanisms as the regulation of the tides, meaning that our pineal gland is sensitive to the moon (this is most probably why we dream more and lucid when the moon changes), the moon emits the message to the pineal and it regulates the reproductive organs in the lunar cycle;
» melatonine is the main hormone produced by the pineal gland - melatonine secretion follows a circadian rhythm, being liberated in the dark period and inhibited by clarity" (ROCHA 2012). that’s why it’s so important going to sleep when the sun goes down and waking up when it rises again.

There’s so much more to share… I will let my pineal do its work now and see what happens.

Thank you for this possibility of posting this here. I feel it might help some people.



With you being the Queen of Intuition, I have a feeling this thread will flurish for a very long time.

Short story

I visited a bridge where I had the favorite memory of a friend who had past. It was a beautiful spring night and I had gone for a bike ride and stopped there before heading home. Prior I had picked up a water from a gas station, and had the bag and bottle hanging from the parked bike handle on the bridge. The bag was a minor anomaly, typically they are all black from that business, but they switched over to a white one with a smile face saying:
“Have a Nice Day

I did a prayer trying to connect with her on the bridge, and share my favorite memory of her with her, which I never told her about in person (and deeply regret).

I shared the memory and was hoping the message got sent.

I turned to bike and a faint breeze had picked up in the air, and was softly swaying the plastic bag, and suddenly the bag folded in on itself, perfectly, so you could still see the smiley face image, but the words now read:
"Nice Day

May sound stupid but I took it as a big synchronicity. Short 1 or 2 word sentences was how she used to reply to everyone via text, if she replied at all.

I had the strong intuition her soul had got the message and found a way to confirm it, kind of like this scene:



Is It Intuition or Imagination/Ego? 5 Signs to Tell You That It’s The Ego, Not Your Intuition.

This is one of the hardest parts of Inution for me:

How to decipher egoic projections from true Intuition.

I think the video makes some really good points


I have read a few sources that brought up the pineal Gland and 3rd eye link. I cant say anything knowledgeable about this, but want to learn more.

I can say something about the Circle of Willis:

I know during any meditation session, I have begun to statt to settle when I can internally feel the pulse both of my heart, and in the 3rd eye (forehead).

The fact that these 2 power player Chakras are directly connected to eachother through arteries and the flow of life force (blood/chi/energy etc), and the fact that some cultures around the world point to the heart when you ask them where is the mind, makes me think there is an important link.


The pineal also produces melatonin, so very connected to sleep and dreams. If you look at the molecular structure of melatonin, it’s very close to the molecular structure of the psychedelic molecule DMT (the active ingredient in the ayahuasca brew). Some believe that some of the melatonin gets converted to DMT and this may have something to do with dreaming. This has not yet been proven but an interesting thing to speculate about.


'The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth '.


We’re programmed NOT to trust our own intuition – Why developing your intuition is hard


Very interesting, did not know this.

if your circle of Willis is in a constant state of contraction, what do you think that does to blood flow (life force energy) to the pineal gland and ALL other parts of the brain…


Dr. Joe Dispenza on this (with many thousands of experiences and participants): “Melatonine evolves to transform into a neurotransmitter more powerful and lucid, to convert our dreams into reality.”
more about the pineal gland:
“First several scientists independently launched the hypothesis that the pineal gland is a phylogenic relic, a vestige of a dorsal third eye. A modified form of this is still accepted today. Second, scientists began to surmise that the pineal gland is an endocrine gland. This hypothesis was fully established in the twentieth century. The hormone secreted by the pineal gland, melatonine, was first isolated in 1958. Melatonine is secreted by in a circadian rhythm, which is interesting in view of the hypothesis that the pineal gland is a vestigial third eye. Melatonine was hailed as a “wonder drug” in the 1990s and then became one of the best sold health supplements.”


this is why contemplating the skies for some minutes is a “massive game changer”:
“Melatonine is controlled by the quantity of light that we receive daily in our eyes.”


this touched me deeply… made me understand why we praise others so much… we didn’t do it to people whom we loved deeply and they were gone… it happened with my brother… he killed himself and he went to my room before… and I had a grunge on him… this was a deep shift in my life… we really never know about tomorrow… so… we do it everyday! thanks for sharing BB :heart_eyes:
I believe that the power of our hearts create these synchs and indeed they are such a divine way of communication… also with the breeze… I know what you mean…
I LOVE this scene of interstellar…

we are in an optimum portal for opening up intuition - 28th to 31st of May. Check it out here: ☀ Astrology & (Astronomy) - #331 by BlessingsDeers

when we access intuition, we are all kings and queens, beloved :heart_eyes: you have an amazing intuition “King Nighthawk” :dolphin:


Very interesting, I wonder if humans are the only beings that have this gland? Or if it is found in other species as well?


Thank you for saying this, I was hesitant to share this, appreciate you appreiating it.

I am so sorry to hear this. I think most people on this planet have very similar stories .

These painful lessons have a silver lining, they teach us to clean up lose ties, and not procrastinate. Tomorrow is a guaranteed to no body.

Could not have said it better myself, you are 100% spot on!

No, my Blessed and Beloved Queen, I just have some really amazing teachers , mentors, and friends :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Interstellar & INTUITION

Could not find the full scene but watch after the 20 second mark:

If you have not seen the movie, its free with Prime if you have it. Well worth your time.


dogs have huge pineal glands and here’s a recent discovery of, at least, melatonine producing in cetaceans:

here’s how it works in fishes:

Also found this very interesting article:

“This review demonstrates current literature on pineal gland physiology, pathology, and animal model experiments to concisely explore future needs in research development with respect to pineal gland function and neuro-regenerative properties. The pineal gland plays an integral role in sleep and recovery by promoting physiologic circadian rhythms via production and release of melatonin. Yet, the current literature shows that the pineal gland has neuroprotective effects that modulate both peripheral and central nerve injuries through several direct and indirect mechanisms, such as angiogenesis and induction of growth factors and anti-inflammatory mediators. Animal models have also shown correlations between pineal gland function and metabolic homeostasis. Studies have shown that a functional pineal gland is essential in preventing and slowing the progression of certain diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, vertebral osteoarthritis, and neurodegenerative processes. Lastly, the array of cell culturing methods and animal models that can be used to further develop the study of pineal gland function and nervous system injury were reviewed.”


indeed… also recommend it :heart_eyes:
this piece is just amazing. thank you for sharing.


Tonight, for the first time, number sequences came into my dreams, inspiring me to share this message.

There’s some context - learned with Andrew that there are 4 types of teachers:

  1. Guru embodied;
  2. Guru Dharma;
  3. “Sambala” Guru - opening mind and heart to the signs and synchronicities of life, where every moment is teaching you;
  4. Your heart (the Guru within - “The copper colored mountain is within my heart”).

Today I share a way to navigate the world in “Sambala Guru mode” with the help of numbers!.. :heart_eyes:

For me, all that is not nature, is extra terrestrial intelligence, helping us in our evolution. Numbers are everywhere! And indeed they speak with us all the time!

I discovered Doreen Virtue’s number sequences in the beginning of 2010… I only read this article once and memorized all the number sequences meaning! (talk about motivation).



Very interesting, I wonder if domesticated animals, and very intelligent animals (like cetaceans) have larger pineal glands than other animals?

What is so cool to me is how intuition is an umbrella term, would be really cool to try to list all the psychic phenomena that fall under this umbrella, like feeling peoples gaze when your back is turned, or a mom who gets a terrible headache at the same time her daughter in another state gets into a terrible car crash. The one thing these phenomena all have in common seems to be having an open heart and open mind:



Here’s a really cool way of understanding what you mentioned with the help of beloved Laura Berman, Phd in her book “Quantum Love” (page 17):
"In 1964, Irish physicist John Stewart Bell published a short article in which he posited that tiny particles, such as electrons, could display instantaneous coordination (i.e., the movement of one could cause the other to move at the exact same time) even when separated by miles and miles. Albert Einstein wasn’t impressed by the idea, which he called “spooky action at a distance.” Yet testing has since suggested a phenomenon physicist refer to as “quantum entanglement"1. Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger was one of the first to broach this idea of entanglement with his realization that different particles can behave as if they are the same thing, even if they are separated by space or time. In fact, this connection can still exist even if one of the particles no longer exists.2
The thought of it is enough to make you go cross-eyed! But think of it this way: we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed - it simply is. The form of that energy can change, though. So no matter where energy particles are, or what form they take, if two particles are entangled, they are the same. It doesn’t matter if one is located on the moon and one is located in Miami - if one of them spins, the other one will spin as a result. And because energy is in everything and everyone and exists in countless forms, it’s safe to say that the energy particle of which we are made have infinite entanglements across time and space. This kind of connectedness and coordination means that “oneness” is real. (…)
Researcher at the University of Washington were interested in seeing just how linked lovers were, and so they asked couples to undergo a test. They took one partner into a room and sent the other partner to another part of the building. Then they shone a light into the eye of the first partner while studying the ocular and brain reactions of the second. They found that the ocular center of the second partner’s brain reacted when the first partner was exposed to the light, even though they were widely separated and had no idea what was happening in the other room!3 (…) Our ability to influence through energetic connection is called coherence. Coherence is a calm, peaceful, loving state of alignement within yourself that occurs when your heart is open (…).”

1 Greg Khun, Why Quantum Physicists Do not Fail: Learn the Secrets of Achieving Almost Anything Your Heart Desires (Charleston, SC: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013)

2 Pam Grout, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2013)

3 Todd I. Richards, Leila Kozak, Clark Johnson, and Leanna J. Standish, “Replicate Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence of Correlated Brain Signals Between Physically and Sensory isolated Subjects.” Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 11, no. 6 (2005): 955-963.

In that scene from Interstellar she mentions that love can be observable. indeed. it’s not something that appears directly though… we may figure out some things but, for me, unless there is a strong calling to make something with it and all the universe supports that, the magic is when it’s free… and things happen organically, and from this experience we can register and learn more about who we truly are :brown_heart:

open your mind… hihihi


Our Dear friend Amelia Kinkade also writes about quantum entanglement in her book about animal communication.

In my mind there may be a 3rd variable at play, the foundational all pervasive fabric of the universe: GOD (love). And yes the intersteller scene highlights this paradox of being mysteriously ellusive but also manifesting and observable at the same time. @Bucket shared a home run quote in Sacred teachings about this observable God paradox.



BIG synch tonight. Was watching the movie Men who stare at Goats for the first time and this symbol came up:

see this post earlier I wrote and video:

If you have not seen this movie, I think you will really like the first half (have not watched the second part yet). Its a comedy, but often times, fiction can speak volumes of truth…