Intuition, Pineal Gland & Colors in Buddhism, chacras and eyes

I saw it many years ago and LOVED it.


Theres a great scene about finding the path of least resistance.

Lots of hidden gems in this one


When I used to bar tend, alcohol helped me come to the conclusion that you could feel peoples’ gazes, when your back was turned.


I learned this in a professional project I had with a friend. He’s also experienced in creating sacred spaces and we could sense people’s projections onto us, their energy and their thoughts! (not just the gaze). with zero alcohol and 100% Love :heart_eyes:


Today I share about one Master that completely changed my intuitive life, faith and humanity.

His legacy in this area is one of the most incredible in all humanity:

Thanks to him, in Brazil psychographic Medium proof is accepted in court.

This because there was a study made of 200 of his letters from the deceased, and they found out that 35 per cent of them carried an identical signature to the signature of the deceased ,which is quite amazing (from the three types of psychographics, he did the mechanical, meaning that the deceased literally took his hand to write).

I watched some of his movies and the information he received from the dead is SO accurate. He touched and helped thousands of parents in overcoming the death of their children. I personally lived a remarkable synchronicity when I watched this very healing movie:

There is one mother who had a son called Mathew who died while he was with his nanny. In that letter he was thanking the nanny, suggesting that if it had been with one of the family member, it would have destroyed them. This simple and profoundly human perspective, touched and inspired me deeply.

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The CIA’s Very Real Experiments into Psychic Powers


John Edward Shares Intense Mafia Psychic Reading



Was looking for the coin toss scene that is right after this one but not find it. He said his record for guessing correctly in a row was over 200 times.

Very interested in these types of basic Psychic Experiments, guessing coin tosses, guessing cards, etc.

Also interested in learning how to enhance these abilities, and the factors that detract from them.


great video! “anyone can express psychic ability” indeed :heart_eyes:

MG :heart_eyes: hihihi
yes, this kind of situation sometimes happens… and all we can do is surrender… and change the phone number! hihihi…

this reminded me a famous quote from AH - it’s very different when either Mother Theresa or the Mafia saying “I’ll take care of it”… hihihi

loved his story and his attitude :cowboy_hat_face:

training this is like going to the gym - you need to practice.
One friend who has a child, does a very simple game with his son, for many years now - with a normal deck of cards, his son guesses which card he’s transmitting. It started with just guessing the color. Then the number, then the figure, then all together.

At the moment there are incredible projects already happening with children:

factors that help:

  1. having a supporting environment
  2. having faith
  3. going step by step
  4. celebrating each step of the way
  5. registering it all (specially in case of adults)

As you know, I consult regularly my intuition and the technique is blindfolded. I receive the answers, and the results are ever increasing in sharpness and clarity.

I also remind you of a book I mentioned the other day here at NCC:

this book contains psychometric experiments and was published in 1863!


I reminded myself of two other factors that are essential and supporting the accessing intuition process:

  1. truth
  2. emotional maturity / purity.

@NightHawk999 you have an excellent expression on this: “Dying to know” :brown_heart: sometimes, parts of us must die so that we can listen and be guided by intuition.


I think true meditation also mimics the dying process, withdrawl of senses, dissovling emotions, etc to achieve purity.


LOL too funny

Thank you for telling me this. makes total sense that they start small then add on the different details.

I think this is a very powerful factor


Thank you for this gem

Have you heard of the Sun Dance?

Has nothing to do with the film festival


Yes, indeed!

yes, in the Lakota Tradition we do it. I will do mine after I complete my four vision quests… is that what you were referring to?

so welcome!. it came to me in a dream!

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“Real intuition has a certain smell, has a certain impersonal tone to it…”
(9 min mark)



thank you beloved :heart_eyes:
gonna watch it! the whole thing. soon! :kissing_heart::pray:t3:


So I had a synchronicity while watching this and I think it was telling me to pay close attention to the conversation at that time:

So I opened the video on Youtube from this site after watching it for around a half hour our so, bc I wanted to get time stamp of when the video was posted. Then I started reading the comments, and came upon a funny one about “farting and pooping” that made me laugh, and made me wonder how much more of the video do i need to watch to get to that section. Literally 10-15 seconds later, Bernardo said that line, and the 10min conversation around it about death purifying peoples lifes word is pretty profound. Love the analogy he uses about the forge, and getting rid of the impurities.


Bernardo is BRILLIANT! I dived into this video because I had more than three people recommending it! When this happens, I surrender and give myself fully to the experience.

Important note: after minute 45, I went outside to contemplate the skies while listening (with head buddies) – what a delightful experience! But I had to stop at 1h50…. On that moment, a friend was connecting. This happens more and more with me – when I seem to not be available anymore, I am being naturally guided to go for the next thing.

I came back to listen this video, with eyes closed in a kind of meditation, and here are my comments…

Indeed, intuition is the place where all our interpretations and fantasies fall off, because we cease to exist, by becoming an open channel for receiving what is, allowing God narrative to speak directly with us.

Training intuition is fantastic for letting go of stories and illusions created by the ego. From my experience consulting intuition and dancing life from there gives me a solid confidence, deep peace and helps me to truly surrender. I KNOW it’s that. And the whole universe supports it. This is when I know that reality is happening! When I no longer expect from the ego but channel from my higher self.

For me, the shift from ego to intuition is like moving from associate thinking into synchronicities AND dreams – it’s very similar but as in a music, it’s a higher tone. I would dare to say that one leads to the other, also because I believe there’s no wrong or right, just frequencies that belong to certain places, and others not. Sometimes the “right” thing is really to make a move from the ego – not intuition. That “error” becomes an experience that is going to be super useful for a next time when it will be really needed to be done differently! In this inner movement and force, we evolve, propelling all around to also do it.

A fundamental keystone on this path was to be in touch with my feelings “I feel joy because”, or “I feel sad because”. This has allowed me to no longer create stories outside – what normally is called “gossip” or “drama”! Being human seems to be the door to access intuition, orienting the experiences we have to come from within our most delicate sensitiveness, “allowing nature to play me”.

This is also why TRUTH is SO important – it kills all illusions and sets us free. Because the strongest the bond, the more we believe that the external world is real! When we want to approach someone what we are doing is believing that they are separate from us. This paradox is delightful! I believe there is indeed a cosmic longing for us to be light and free. And to simply flow in the river of life.

I LOVE Louise Hay’s (metaphysical queen) approach on disease = dis-ease (not easy). Carrying heavy stuff that is not for us. In all times that my body shouted at me, it was a message to trust more, relax, stop wanting to carry the world on my back and ask for help. Reminded me of minute 3:50 on this video beloved @NightHawk999

I resonated deeply with Bernardo sharing about the “kid who just wants to play computers” Thank goddess, after my third book the Universe stopped giving me deadlines! Before that, I had that impression Bernardo was talking about – there was a strong powerful force (nature perhaps) compelling me to write in book format and to finish those beauties, no matter what! When I finished the last one, I said several times to myself “Now I can die”…. And indeed, after one month of publishing the book, I started dreaming super lucid and studying about death! My priority changed – instead of “shouting” to the world or trying to explain it, LIVING IT became the number one priority. So, in a way… I indeed died.

I know in the body what it is to feel someone else’s energy and feel what they feel! The reason for that happening, in my case, is because of love and empathy. It’s the experience of becoming one with the other, also with a sense of physicality!

A way of understanding what Bernardo so well explains about where memories (and collective unconscious) are, is wi-fi! There is SO MUCH information in the air…! Nowadays it’s SO OBVIOUS! Thank Goddess that more and ore scientists with a beautiful heart like Bernardo, are studying this.

What I notice with light is that certain lights appear in connection with certain thoughts, sounds and information.

Studying astrology for thirty years now, helps in this acceptance of who we are… exactly the way we are.

Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two, my mind flows”.

One of the things that has changed in the last year and a half, has been to develop more being empathic (not just with my clients and students) and NCC is helping me A LOT in this… especially you beloved @NightHawk999 - you are a master in this! Infinite gratitude.

LOVED this video…. And how both Andrew and Bernardo were so excited with these themes. I God Them!

Found out this excellent short video with Bernardo with pretty useful distinctions!

“The brain is the image of the mind (…), not the generator of the mind”


Tron: Legacy End of Line entrance scene

" Chaos,
good news"


chaos usually means you stopped controlling… or should I say better, you lost the illusion you can control anything! :heart_eyes: