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A place to have a bit of a chit chat; casual conversation, express yourself, in a lighthearted loving space. :dizzy:

:notes: “Always look on the bright side of life.” "Da da, di da … " :notes:


:tulip: Beloved @BlessingsDeers because of your reply I was inspired to start this casual chat space, hope you dont mind if I carry on our conversation here.

Wow! (“I really like it”) Was really beautiful to read and see photos of your day with friends planting lovely trees :deciduous_tree: and such a great synchronicity with the Imbolc video by Alwyn Oak :star_struck: Love it ⚘

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So inspiring.
Is this about a dream relationship coming true? Or maybe it means trees?

Wow! :heartbeat: Yes is wonderful and a very big adventure :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::house_with_garden::deciduous_tree: lots of planting seeds for future growth :seedling::leaves:

Im happy you enjoyed Christmas posts, it was fun and @NightHawk999 posts some lovely songs, i woke every day singing! :joy:
Ahhh how wonderful! The Welsh people are lovely. Very traditional. They have their own language and want to be independent of Britain.

Thank you my friend too!
I also saw a beautiful picture and thought of you too, because of your horse.


Beloved @BlessingsDeers
:tulip: Thank you for this link!

Im going to spend some time finding more about this topic of St Brigid. In my ignorance i didn’t know about her. Only since the videos recently.
But you know how synchronicity works, lots of information will start to appear more :star_struck:


It’s a book about relationships:

  1. with ourselves
  2. with others
  3. with the planet and universe

When I wrote it, I was far from being conscious that one day I would be teaching about dreams as I started in 2023. In fact, I published the book in November 2022 and two months later I was dreaming super lucid and allowing things to happen in this area of dreams! Naturally the partnership dissolved and started writing my forth book about sleep, dreams, consciousness, and passage to death.
I wrote the “Dream Relationships” book between 2020, right after publishing my second book - Intuitive Power, and end of 2021. From 2021 to November 2022 I had a project of workshops and retreats with this subject with a male friend who was co-creating it with me . It was quite a ride! The book was very helpful to deal with all the projections and adventures in this period. It was also a way to honor what I have been learning all my life about real relationships.

The truth is that since I published that book, several dream relationships started coming true as I would never ever expected to! I had already written one chapter about dreams in the book “Intuitive Power” and “Dream Relationships” has two chapters about dreams, but I truly did not expect to one day have the honor and privilege of working with dreams, such an advanced practice and an area with “no filters”…! I feel deeply blessed :star_struck: and to have such beautiful amazing people in my life.

Our friendships here at the Night Club are also Dream Relationships coming true… so gooooood!

Thank you for the drawing with the horse and the rabbits - in the Lakota tradition, rabbits are about JOY :star_struck: in the shamanic tradition they are associated with abundance and the moon… we are SO blessed.


That reminds me of a joke I heard once: “Brigid was a great Pagan Goddess, but then they made her into a Christian Saint! But then I heard she’s become a Pagan again! Isn’t that amazing?!”


:heart_eyes: That sounds very interesting. Can you share a photo of the front cover?

Ahh yes i remember that day you shared with us… when there was a Phoenix in the fire?

Ditto, i too :revolving_hearts:

:smile: no doubt with all your experience here!
I admire your aptitude for writing, such a great way to be able to express. With my much less aptitude at writing and inability to express what i really want to say has often come with a price.

Thats amazing!! After reading recently about memory in water, im beginning to see how things manifest. Its like the topic you wrote about manifested.

:star_struck: WoW!! You manifested me! :laughing: love it!!!
Whats funny is that a few days before i came to NC chatroom i had a dream that showed id be socializing in a grand way with very wise people with much knowledge to share. I couldn’t understand this dream having because of my isolated life on the island… but voila :revolving_hearts::star_struck::dizzy::butterfly:


@_Barry Cool! :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing this. I was going to do some research as having no knowledge of St Brigid. So much i had no idea about!

“Brigid’s life story has been embellished by legends, she is believed to have been the abbess of a monastic settlement of men and women that became a center of arts and learning and that gave the town its name, Irish for “church of the oak.”

What an achievement to be head of a monastery in those days?

@_Barry Did you know about her?



This was something i read about St Brigid that confused me; the Pagan and Christian association. Something i shall investigate as its very interesting like you say!

Yes :dizzy:


Yes, that was the first retreat I facilitated with this theme - one week in the Azores, Creative Intuition. Before that I was teaching online twice - a 33 days journey to dream lucid and connect at a deeper level. It was so profound that only last week I felt the work had been completed with the second edition students (June 2023).

I could write a book about this theme… :rosette:

yes, one of the principles of magic is “what you focus on, the energy follows”. that’s why I enjoy writing SO MUCH!

hihihi… it’s very funny to read this…

this is wonderful - I love the expression “socializing in a grand way” - I guess being able to connect with people from all over the world at a distance is indeed such endeavor… :star_struck: I am still amazed of what can happen at the energetic level…
And I was sharing with @NightHawk999 the other day that not having an image of him, makes me feel that he’s everywhere… today at the beach I felt that with you @Bianca_Aga I was looking at the seaguls and thinking of you and seeing you in them and in the sea… this is so lovely… thank you for all this love connecting us all!..


I did not know about her either.


:exploding_head: WOW !!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Your book front cover is so stunning!!!
It gave me the tingling :dizzy::star2::dizzy:
I wonder why?
Is your book available in English online?

Amazing work you’ve been doing!
Is there a reason you used the number 33 days. Did you know theres a Tibetan Buddhism tradition of using 3years 3 months retreat?

In what way? Your students all managed to lucid dream?

@mbready and i have come across this difficulty, ive yet to use AI to help with my lack of vocabulary.

Thats how my dream express it and ive had several other dreams about this group here, that suggests a collective mind with wisdom knowledge. :milky_way:

Ahh … :revolving_hearts: thats beautiful.
I believe theres a very good reason behind some of the hidden identities;, one to help focus on the content of information they’re giving. I have wondered if a member here was famous theyd want to stay incognito :clown_face:

Thank you too! I love seaguls.
I use too feed them when i lived next to the sea.


I had my triggers pressed earlier this morning into a feeling of shock :flushed:
So shocked at a discovery. My awareness was strong enough to sense the energy or frequency i was transmitting. Then i saw this and strangely enough it calmed me.


no. there’s a kindle edition available in amazon but it’s the Portuguese version.

yes - Christ frequency.

they did all have evolution on their path, respected their rhythm (I gave them absolute freedom for that), some had lucid dreaming experiences, others were psychic with each other, others started to remember their dreams (a deep teaching in this kind of group is that there’s a tendency for having people from all levels of experience, which for me, inspired each other to accept each other as they are and not taking so seriously and into the ego if they are lucid in their dreams. each experience is magic and going the way slowly and enjoy it is more magic), there was deep sharing and in general we had a lot of fun.

yes, I experience this here. it’s amazing.

from my experience, sometimes we hide in our identities…

thank you! they are always looking for food… I never fed them… perhaps I will do that one day, inspired by you :heart_eyes:



:heart_eyes: wow, i didn’t know that.

I too share this way of slow flowing with the present energy the way it wants to integrate. And allowing by feeling through its wave.

I agree that also to be true.

My experience with seagulls when i lived close to the shore many tourists fed the seagulls but also dropped food on the pathway. The seagulls and also the pigeons all cleaned up the food waste and i only ever saw 1 rat. In the winter, no tourists, so no waste food for the local birds, so i use to feed them all :joy: but all the neighbours were unhappy with me.

The pigeons were my friends for many years, mating and having babies. They are very affectionate with each other.

One day a beautiful very young racing pigeon arrived on my balcony. She was very tired & looked scared. I fed her & she stayed. She found a mate. After 4 years i then left to go travel to India. Id formed a big attachment to the pigeons & seagulls so it was hard to say goodbye.


Delighted to hear about this bond you have with seagulls…

I have a very special “love at a distance” story with a dove (@NightHawk999 I think you will like this story)… it happened in May 2021:

For some days I had been looking in the mirror and, without thinking, saying “Bonjour, MA BELLE”. Because I like talking to me, looking into my eyes, in those days before the trip, these were some of the words I said to myself. It had never happened before me calling myself MA BELLE, and later that week I was going to find out why.

The main reason for the trip was to visit the place where my father was born. About three years before I had done something similar, visiting the house where my mother had lived as a child. On that visit, I cried, moved, as I sat on the cork tree that had certainly witnessed my mother’s growth.

That was just the apparent reason for, on this trip scheduled a month ago, to go close to the place where MABÍLIA (portuguese name adopted from the french MA BELLE) lived. We didn’t think about visiting her, to be honest, we didn’t think of her… it was suposed to be just a journey for us two, but something was happening…

For the first time in more than twenty years of living in my house, I saw a dove in my room. She had managed to enter through the window doors, within a space of about three inches! Incredible feat.

My immediate reaction was to get her out of there as quickly as possible. The dove wanted to help and be helped but it just flapped its wings against the glass door that led to the room’s balcony. Observing the bird’s anxiety and fear, I took a deep breath. And watched. I opened the door and waited but the bird continued to burrow into the other side, close to the hinges, closing itself even more. After watching for a few more seconds, I went to get my drum and started to sing. In that vibration the dove was able to relax and, paw by paw (in a kind of enchantment), it went to the point where it could fly. And so she did. I smiled and went to clean the feathers and excrement left by my friend. Then I took another deep breath, telling myself “mission accomplished.”

The day before my father and I started our adventure, he received a call from our family. Mabília had died. Me and my father left on the scheduled date and brought flowers, discovering that my cousin’s death had been on the same day that the dove decided to visit me to free her.

After the visit, the next were days of sharing, my father allowing himself to be young again, enlightened by the stories and beloved places of his youth. He was moved by the feats he had never before told me. On the return trip we decided to visit our family again. We offered cheese and honey to everyone. I played the drum and sang in honor of dear Mabília.


You are wrong, I LOVE this story!

Pretty amazing how these things work out.

It would not shock me if she had a connection to the birds in some way in life, like a favorite memory or animal




I too ! And love this story you had with a dove :dove:




Ive only recently come too learn about the old traditions in the old religions and Paganism and how they celebrated the Suns position especially in the Northern hemisphere. Looking through some social media pictures celebrations today, heres a few.

My favourite :heartpulse: