Philemon comes forward?

So the wise-old-woman-of-the-forest, who is my dream spirit guide, just stepped it up a notch. She’s got my ear now and I do believe we are sharing consciousness.

1/8/2023 DREAM: My wasp hive (recurring dream symbol) is a spinning, shaking rattle that I’m holding still by the handle. I put my ear to the hive to listen for sounds. Utter silence.

The-wise-old-woman-of-the-forest stands still within. She is the one making it spin like a gyroscope.

She’s got my ear, my attention. When she and I become consciously aware of each other the hive spins so fast that it disappears. Only the inside space of shared consciousness remains.

Since then, when I look at the drawing I am back in that consciousness. I hear her say, “I am Philemon.” Again and again, “I am Philemon. I am Philemon.” Really?!! This is a reference to Jung’s spirit guide named Philemon.

Here’s Jung’s quote about his spirit guide (cited from the Philemon Foundation’s website). I feel exactly the same way about the wise old woman guide. She has changed from appearing as a symbol in my dreams to becoming a knowable conscious energy.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 9.32.32 AM


Very inspiring! You know where to look! Opened up a thread on Facebook by Dr. Nida and saw this . . .


Lush drawings Amy! :crystal_ball::prayer_beads::purple_heart:



Sounds to me like she communicated 2 very important and very powerful messages to you, and I would argue the first being as important if not more important than the second.

In the first, she is in a rattle, an instrument soley used to make noise, yet she says nothing. It is also a hive, your symbol for mind. I interpret this as her trying to convey the power of meditation, and how beneficial quieting a noisey mind is.

The second message is important, but I think it gives even more wieght to the first message. I am [your wise guide], heed the first message.

I think it was TWR who said meditation is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. I whole heartedly agree.

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I’ll leave the interpretations to NH999—he’s so good at it. I appreciate your visualizations, which are encouraging. I find that I remember more verbally than pictorially unless I make a conscious effort to do so. Your long and continuous gallery of images is welcome reminder of how one can do this!


Appreciate you sayijg that, but I am still a Newb to all this, so much to learn, and I think the more perspectives from as many people as possible is always the best.

@DreamingFromHere, do you practice yoga?

Yoga was what introduced me to meditation, and before that I would have never given meditation any of my time, because I saw it as a pointless waste of time. Helping calm and relax the body fully first with yoga, helps greatly calm the mind and put it in a state that is fertile for meditation.

Fast forward to today, and I am very happy I eviscerated my negative prejudices towards meditation. It is something that takes time, but will pay off big dividends over the years if well nurtured. Through this ‘collective’ site, you have access to some great meditation instructors and minds, might be profitable to gather some honey from those hives. :wink:

Prayer and meditation are two very powerful tools you can really profit from, love these lines about the 2:

" *Prayer is like a magical power that we all have and forget to use."


“Prayer is a way for us to speak to God.
Meditation is a way for God to speak to us.”

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Drawing the dream extends the dream and more information comes forward, usually clarity of the message. I hope you see from the continuous gallery that the dream images come together as one continuous conversation with the Self. Hope I’m not hogging the bulletin board! Tell me if I am.


Yes!! I would agree with this. I think there are multiple ways in to the Self; dreams, prayer, meditation… Perhaps this is what meditation IN a dream looks like. Isn’t that an @aholecek Yoga exercise? That wasn’t my intent but then dreams show you what’s going on in the eternal NOW. I’ll take that. Instead of quieting the mind in the physical world, I feel that we became of one mind in the dream and by doing so activated energy, something like activating fate.

I understand the wise-old-woman-of-the-woods as my spirit guide. She is a constant, never changing energy there to guide me to the Self. She is my core, acting as liaison between my ego self, my psyche and The Self. Our intuitions align. I think that is the same role that Jung espoused to his Philamon guide.

The dream that followed feels like a validation of this.

1/11/23 DREAM:

I’m inside at a busy social gathering. My daughter and two of her aunts / ancestors are there. I’m giving my daughter a pair of diamond earrings.

Notes: This dream feels like an affirmation of the spirit guide ringing up my ear in the previous dream. Diamonds are forever as is the energy of the universe.

Four women aspects of my self appear; my ego self who is dreaming the dream, my daughter’s aunts who would be my sisters… my sister aspects refer to my cross-generational disorder, and my daughter aspect is about new transformation/individuation … the next generation or iteration of myself. Lot’s of loving hands support the growth. Woman power abounds.

Also, I have to say how much I value the opportunity to share my voice through drawings and dreams on this board. I am eternally grateful for the feedback!!

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The sharing is most helpful. I heard the Jungian psychologist say in that video I posted yesterday. It’s long, but in part of it she talked about speaking and listening to dreams and how important—no vital—it is. There are several threads where people share their art and it is more than just visible speech or visible thought here, and here for example.


I definitely agree with this. The great power of a dream is that the body has basically been almost 100% silenced and quieted through sleep paralasis, which is kind of like taking a huge dose of morphine or laughing gas, any pains or aches or injuries from the physical world are therefore able to be easily tuned out, which is much harder to do in wake meditation, but with a great deal of practice this too can be done with wake meditation, thats why it ismso poweful.

I am not sure, becuase i have not done it yet, but I do not think it is meditation in a dream. I think to achieve this you need a level of detachment from the mind, not full immersion. I think this would be a great question for you to ask Andrew in the next book club meeting or Q & A, “when lucid, what is the best way to meditate in the dream?”

Its my understanding that one method is doing Shamatha meditation like in wake life, you pick a stationary object, and let your focus and awareness connect to that object. In a way the stillness of that object helps promote stillness of the mind. So if you are walking in a forest, you could circle around a tree, using that as your object of awareness.

In wake life, when you close your eyes and pick an object to focus on, this practice is supposed to greatly help prolong and stabilize lucid dreams. So you get multiple big benefits out of doing this practice over time. The Attention Revolution, by Allan Wallace goes into this in great detail, would also highly recommend his book Dreaming Yourself Awake, where he also gives a shorter explanation of meditation practices, but ties it into lucid dreaming and dream yoga.

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Absolutely, they are also Eternally stable (the hardest material on earth) and Eternally SILENT, and incredibly valuable, all things that can be said about meditation, it stabilizes the mind, brings calming silence, and is of immense value, and a treasure that you can pass on to next generation. There is a book called the Diamond Cutter sutra in Buddhism, with some of its most advanced teachings, meaning its wisdom is so powerful and valubale it can slice through the hardest objects on earth.

I would also say not just meditation, but also the lucid dreaming and dream yoga practices could be symbolized by the diamond earings. They are all tied together, and if you want a treasured gift that lasts forever and can be passed down from one generation to the next forever, those ‘diamonds’ are it!

I think this work you are doing now with your dreams and the knowledge you have access to in the teachings on this site will be of substantial value to your children, and to many people you interact with in the world, for many years to come.


That was definitely a diamond video @_Barry , watched the first hour of it last night, and going to finish it this weekened. So much valuable information in it. Yes I think @DreamingFromHere will find it very helpful as well. That definitely made my week.

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