Hello from the hive

Hello, from Providence, Rhode Island! I’m excited to be here and really interested to learn about the stages of lucid dreaming and to meet fellow lucid dreamers. I lucid dream a lot and draw what I experience there, attempting to make the invisible metaphor of the Self visible in a way that anybody can feel it in themselves. The resulting dream drawings are my Instagram project

Since May 2022 I’ve had a series of 60 dreams of a wasps hive since. The hive never has any wasps in it rather the paper layers of the hull are my accrued experiences of my life, the interior space of the hive is the space of the Self. We meet up there through lucid dreaming. Here are a couple of the drawings:

In this dream the hive is a tattoo in the palm of my hand. The entrance hole to the hive is where Chi energy comes in and out of me.

In this dream there’s a museum gallery of my dream drawings hanging on the inside wall of the hive showing me that the Self knows what I’m doing. I look again and now the gallery is full of paintings of ancestors all waving at me like in Harry Potter. They too know what I’m working on.

Anyway, hope this wasn’t too long an introduction. Very happy to be here.



Welcome to the Night Club. Love your art work, Instagram productivity and your YouTube video. Amazing and inspirational. So much to discuss and think about. There are some outstanding artists here, visual, verbal and excellent practitioners of the dreaming arts, so it’s great to have you here. FYI, here are some thoughtful past threads (scroll to the top) that might interest you. This one (scroll to the top) for sure too! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.


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Thanks! Good to know. I’m still looking around!


Wow, really amazing work @DreamingFromHere !

The first thing I thought of when I saw the image of the Hand with the Hive was some Mississippian Native American artwork I saw while vising Moundville in Alabama:



Much of their artwork at that site had the mysterious hand with eye symbol on it. No one knows what it means, but my take on it is it has something to do with the great Spirit and the divine forces at play in life. It is hauntingly beautiful in a way.

That is very cool that the hive you dream about has images of your life and at the center your core Self. Definitley some very powerful dream symbolism at play. One of my favorite lines from The Matrix comes to mind when I think of how to interpret that dream:

“I have all these memories from my life- none of them happened. What does that mean”
“That the Matrix can not tell you who you are”
“But an oracle can?”
“Thats different…”

Took me a very long time to understand the depth of that conversation. I think you will find Andrews work very powerful in helping you with the higher stages of Dream Yoga, and in uncovering the Self.

Looking forward to hearing more about your dreams and your progress. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I was going to recommend she connect with @Carolel as well. I find it very interesting that both of you have had very influential dreams that involved wasps, and both of you have made artwork as a result of your lucid dreams.


Wow. Thank you for sharing the Native American Hand art examples. It feels like the hand of God at work here. In my hive dream it was the feeling that I am the container for the energy of the universe that flows in and out of me. It’s so cool to feel hooked into an ancient understanding.


God is definitely at work here, you are spot on with that view, that was my feeling as well. I dont think that dream was fiction, you are a container for the energy of the universe, as are all beings on this planet, and that energy flows through all.

If you have not checked out Andrews book study group video:
"Book Study Dream Yoga 25 "
I would highly recomend it! He does a very meaningful explanation on this powerful topic:

" I love the terminology: evolutionary yoga means you’re NOT actually faking it, you’re actually seeing yourself in a dimension that is truer than the way you see yourself now. You really are the deity, that’s who you fundamentally truly are, and this practice lifts you up it evolves you into that more accurate perception of self and other to elevate your sense of identity, to evolve it and to actualize the divinity within yourself and others. This is called practicing the pride of the Deity. "

Such a powerful statement.
Here is another great quote from that video:

“We’re always taking ourselves and others down, exercising a poverty mentality. We constantly berate ourselves with self deprecating mantras like I’m a loser. I can’t do anything no one will ever love me. I’m worthless. And tomorrow I’m going to really riff on this from a developmental point of view and talk about how from ages one through seven, basically, we’re in a theta state. We’re basically in hypnotized state. And so all these impure patterns are literally driven into our unconscious mind into our bodies. And in a very real way, we spend the rest of our lives as a kind of printout, basically, acting out from these unconscious impulses that were transplanted into us by our families of origin [and society at large].”"

The Christian texts also make note of this, although it is somewhat cryptic, and took me a long time to wrap my head around, better late than never:

" Neither shall they say, Lo it is here! or, lo it is there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you all.” (Luke 17:21 )

Happy Thanksgiving

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Yes! I love the “practice of the Diety” term. It’s so accurate.

It’s taken me a long time to deconstruct my family of origin thinking/behavior but just yesterday, Thanksgiving day, I dreamt of my siblings becoming embedded in the constructed layers of the hive - their way of thinking is slowly being absorbed and obscured by new layers of growth into the practice of Diety.

Last night’s dream was most definitely prompted by having joined the NightClub community…Gathered round at Thanksgiving we’re all saying where we’d like to travel to. “Iceland! To see the Mid-Atlantic Rift Zone,” I say.

In the dream I’m there now with my husband (wedded thinking). We walk through creepy, squishy gray matter first which opens out to a giant rift space. I suddenly know that this is the space between the two hemispheres of my brain. An expansion zone. As I walk into it, trees grow up instantaneously to new heights all around me. OMG.

Drawing the dream extends it.

I’m aware of being aware of my self in my body, thinking about the dream while being in the dream at the same time. I like to tell my dream me to look around. The dream me character is simultaneously experiencing the dream, looking around, and sharing consciousness with my thinking and the energy of the Self. It’s been like this for a while now.


The picture you drew of your family and the hive is really cool, as is the dream you shared. Had to look up the Rift Zone, never heard of it before, the pics of the geography are very beautiful, have to add that to my bucket list of places to visit!

No clue what message the dream is trying to convey to you. But the symbolism of the Rift turning into your brain speaks volumes. The best interpretation Imcan think of is that it is trying to tell you that your mind is connecting to the Earth/The Univers on a far deeper level now in your life, and that connection is growing strong like giant trees.

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Also, the fissure between the two hemispheres of the brain is called the great longitudinal fissure . The two sides of the brain are joined at the bottom by the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum connects the two halves of the brain and delivers messages from one half of the brain to the other. I think the dream is showing me that I’m communicating between my waking consciousness and my sleeping awareness. They come together and communicate via my dreams. Also, resolving the old duality of life dilemma.

I’ve had a crazy transformational series of dreams this November. Very much about feminine energy. (A woman Jesus sits in the hive… and she is me.) I’m going to make a video of the activity and post it here because I really need some feedback.

Last night I was back in the trees between the hemispheres of my brain. Hives have gathered round as I walk the path and are everywhere dangling from the trees, quivering. The wise-old-woman-of-the-forest (recurring archetype) facilitated this coming together of the collective energy/conscious. In the dream I’m wondering if Andrew is here. Working on the drawing this morning. More to come.


I think you are spot on this this interpretation. I also believe that this is a 3rd level of communication taking place as well, the connection was not just between left and right, but also growing up to the sky (symbolized with the trees). The Crown Chankra, where the trees grew through/towards/ is supposed to connect us to higher levels of consciousness (God/the spirit world/the universe).

Looking forward to seeing the video on the Jesus dream. That is really cool that you have the re occuring archytype of the woman of the forest.

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So very cool about the Crown Chankra. I will have to read about that. Very exciting to me. Thank you so much for talking to me about all of this.

The old-woman-of-the-forest showed up in my dreams in 2016 after my mother died. (I did not like my mother – she negated me a lot – so it was a relief when she passed.) She is not my mother but a woman spirit guide. I love this character. There have been about 30 dreams where she’s made an appearance, always showing me the way forward.

The video will be a scan of November activity… 17 lucid dreams including 5 hive dreams, three about getting beyond the constructs of my family of origin, and a three of the-old-woman-of-the-forest who is now taking a back seat and showing me that it’s my turn to be the wise old woman. How can I help others? The series of dreams have been remarkable to me, transcendent really, especially after 30 years of dream practice on my own.

Here is the female Jesus dream drawing. It’s kind of messy but in the dream I see Jesus takes a seat in the vaginal cross-section of the hive. Jesus is squarely seated (or seeded) inside my hive/soul. Now I know that Jesus is a woman and she is me.

Thank you again.


After your last comment about the trees growing up towards higher levels on consciousness I asked my self during the day and before sleep, “ What’s above the trees. Show me what I need to know.

This is last night’s dream from above the trees. In the dream I’m aware that this represents conscious energy and something larger than my own hive!



Not sure if you did any research on the Crown Chankra, but it is my understanding it is the energy center of the body that we use to connect to higher level consciousness, things that are larger than all of our ‘hives’

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This is very interesting to me that after your mother died, you started to have dreams of this woman of the forest.

Part of me wonders if there is a connection between the two women? If maybe the woman of the forest represents the purified spirit form of your mother, and her trying to make amends for the neglet? Are there any similarities between the 2 women in terms of personality, behavior, vibes?

It could also be the Universe saw your loss, and decided to step in and help you out and guide you.

The Jesus dream sounds very inspiring. Yes I agree with you, that God/Jesus/Buddha/the divine forces of the Universe, all reside within us at our deepest levels.

Looking forwared to seeing the video you make of these dreams.

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I have to tell you as well, last night I had a very vivid dream, and towards the very end of it I found an unique coin with the titile Empress and a pic of female with a crown printed on it.

For the first time in my life I had a psychic do a tarot card reading for me a few months ago, other than that, I know very little about this practice. I knew this card existed, but did not know the meaning behind it, looked it up today:

"The Empress is a Major Arcana, or “trump” card, that portrays the energy of the great mother. She is nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding source of life-giving power. "

Very fascinating to me that both our dreams seem to have had this theme as a part of them: connecting to higher level nature, and the source of life giving power.


Yes! I love your comments. You’re a really good mentor.


Appreciate you saying that, but I am still a newb to all this stuff, very inexperienced. I hope to one day be as good at Lucid dreaming as you are.

I have always had a deep love for nature, and I can remember being very fascinated by hives and bees when I was very young (still think they are amazing to this day), so your work definitely speaks to me.

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The coin with the woman wearing a crown is the great mother in you of course. The crown is perhaps your crown chakra path to her. My own personal feeling is that men have fucked up the world so terribly that female energy is now rising up in us to compensate.

The dreams keep coming.

Last night’s dream: Egg cracked open reveals the hive.

Rebirth and the cycle of individuation starts anew.