Meeting the collective unconscious

Here is a series of three dreams from consecutive nights from this past week, all featuring the dream symbol of a wasp hive, that go together as one narrative.

I have recorded 65 dreams of the hive since its first appearance on May 10, 2022. I think of the outside of the hive as a symbol of the accumulated layers of experiences of my life that together form a vessel for the soul. In the dreams there are never any wasps in the hive, rather it’s a meeting place of consciousness, filled with the energy of the Self/the Universal energy. We come together there.

In this dream I have returned to the path between the two hemispheres of my brain. I’m blown away as I see wasp hives dangling from all the trees around me, everywhere. They are full of universal energy. They are quivering as they gather round me on my path through the woods. In the dream I know this is the collective unconscious. They are saying hello to me. Come to find out that the wise-old-woman-of-the-forest arranged for this to happen. (She’s a recurring archetype.) I am blown away.

During the next day and before going to sleep that night I ask my self and The Self, so what’s above the trees?

The resulting dream shows me a hive whirling like a gyroscope, full of energy with a larger hand – maybe the hand of God – facilitating the motion, not by touching the hive but by a cushion of energy. I realize in the dream that God is energy that is conscious… conscious energy.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that an egg cracked open to reveal my hive inside. I feel like the dream is showing the beginnings of new growth in my awareness as I come out of my shell. Rebirth and the cycle of individuation starts anew. The hive also looks like a brain here which makes sense since it’s all about consciousness.


Wonderful dream experiences, expertly described with illustrations that seem to move. One thing that comes to mind from my Waldorf School training was how Rudolf Steiner described man/woman as an upside down plant, with roots in the cosmos. Your writings remind me of some of his work with nature and our part in it.


Thank you! I’m flattered.


I live in Hadley. I read you went to Smith. You had a good start.


Yes! Lot’s of woman energy there. Last time I was in Hadley I saw a pileated woodpecker on the way up Mt. Holyoke. I’ll never forget it! There must be a lot of squash in the fields right now.


This is by far my favorite dream that I have heard from people sharing. It is so deep, and so meaningful. I love the fact that the hives are communicating to you. The symbolism is so rich and beautiful!

That is so cool that the Wise woman arranged for this to happen and that you have a dream guide sharing such deep wisdom with you.

A few months ago, a member here commented on one of my dreams, and asked me if I was beginning to understand the language that dreams speak to us in. It was a very profound moment, becuase I realized that unconsciousness and subconsciousness communicate very deep messages, but do so using image symbolism. I also believe this is a way God can ‘speak’ to us as well. No doubt in my mind that dream is symbolic of you becoming much more fluent in this language, and communicating with the wisdom of the universe.


Lots of pleated woodpeckers too. Red tail hawks. Then there are the owls . . .


Yes! Your comments are very validating as I feel the same way.


I enjoyed reading this and your drawings are amazing!!! What great insights!


Beautiful artwork! Enjoyed reading this too.

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