What's above the trees?


This video walks you through my November 2022 dream journal and the dream drawings of the recurring symbol/metaphor of a hive. The individual dreams go together as one narrative, a transcendent conversation with the Self.

The hive is a symbol of the accumulated layers of experiences of my life that together form a vessel for the soul. It’s appeared in 65 dreams since May 2022. In the dreams there are never any wasps in the hive, rather it’s a meeting place of consciousness, filled with the energy of the Self. We come together there.

Thank you to NightHawk999 for mentoring me with just the right comments at just the right time.


So very inspirational! Makes we want to get back to sketching some of my dreams—the ones I can remember. When you mention “The Hive” it reminds me of the Ood, who were featured in a few episodes of Doctor Who, a few Doctors back. They were a hive community that oozed wisdom. Are you familiar with them?

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Awesome video! Your dream journal and experiences are so cool and so deep.

What was the exact date in May that you met with your friend to talk about dreaming, and then that night you had your first hive dream?

Love your dog, such a cutie, beautiful eyes :slightly_smiling_face:

In the one dream, that has you holding the 2 atomic energies in each hand, 1 above water and one below, I think you are exactly right in your interpretation. Big bodies of water (like the ocean) has since ancient times represented the subconscious and unconscious mind. Can totally see a link to this dream with the other dream you had about the linking of the two hemispheres of the brain.

In the dream where the hive is the sight or periscope on the boat, it also looks like it is situated where the sail of the boat would be. Could supymbolize connecting to and using the forces/energy of the highter level consciousness to power and guide your way in the vast ocean of the unconsciousness, and provide sight and insight along the way.

Really glad you shared that. I had a thought arise last week, and then again today, thinking about if there was a fire in my apartment, and I could only grab one material object, what would it be? When I gave it some thought, I was shocked that the object would be my dream journal (which coincidentitally I also started in May). It really shatterned many paradigms I held about this world, and brought me even closer to God/the Universe/the divine forces at play. I am very glad to see that you chose to immortalize your journal.

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I think this Saturday there is a dream Sangha Group that is meeting via Zoom. I think they meet the 1st and 3rd saturdays of each month. Been meaning to check out that group for a while. The lady who runs it, and Andrew are both rock stars. They and other members may have more insight for your dreams.

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Posted this in the other thread, but may be more fitting here:

I found it so cool that when you incubated the question of where do the trees lead to, the dream gave you a very powerful answer. Wish you would have posted a picture of that journal entry here, it is one of my favorite drawings and dreams that you have shared so far!

You are taken back to the forest in between the two hemispheres and look up to see in the trees, many different hives. That seems like perfect symbolism for the Collective Consciousness of the Universe, or the God consciousness. This is also what the Crown Chakra is used to tap into, the infinite knowlege and wisdom of the universes! So cool. Meaning all the minds (hives) of the world becoming one collective, or the Hive of God. Very powerful dream.

I believe this is also tied to the dream about the hive inside the egg. I think you are right that it symbolizes new beginings, or the birth of a new mind to see the world with. I think it also symbolizes feritility, and that you have found a very rich and fertile mind to use as you continue your spiritual path. One thing that really stood out to me, was the green leaves that you colored in, and noticing that most of these hives have that connection to the trees (mother nature) running through them. It ties back to this quote: "the energy of the great mother. She is nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding source of life-giving power. “” I believe you are becoming much deeper conected to this energy, and it will continue to be a big part of your life going forward.

Have you been able to practice the higher level stages of Dream Yoga?

Andrew divides them into 9 stages. If you check out the webinar section of this site, there is a video dedicated to each of the stages and practices.

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Wow! Thanks for all the feedback!

The hive dreams started on May 10, 2022 shortly after I wrote a letter to my siblings telling them that I was taking a leave of absence from the family and it’s constructs. This was a long time coming and very hard to do but necessary.

The new acquaintance encounter just happened a couple of weeks ago. Dreams came very rapidly after that.

I am very interested in the webinars about the stages of dream yoga. Can anyone join the Saturday session? I’m squarely in new terrain and in need of more insight going forward.

I’m very interested in how Andrew would react to the video and the dreams. I’ve sent it along to him via Instagram but not sure if he has someone managing that platform for him as a gatekeeper. Does he see those messages? Also signing up for Andrew’s January Zoom session with Bob Thurman who I had as a Buddhist Scriptures professor back in 1980.

My dog Mattie is a muse for me. She’s often in my dreams as a symbol for my intuition and instinct. I think she was listening along during the video!


Sometimes detaching from an unhealthy enviorment can be very beneficial.

I am shocked by the timing of the dream of May 10th. That is very interesting. There was a full moon and lunar eclipse that occured on May 15, pretty close to that date.

Even more fascinating to me is that Jupiter began a new cycle on May 10th, Leaving the Pisces (12th sign), and entering Aries (1st sign):

‘King of the Gods’, Jupiter is regarded as a planet of expansion:

" Jupiter expands our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. Jupiter represents optimism, growth, generosity, and abundance ."


" Now in Aries , Jupiter expands our awareness of our personal courage and enterprising nature. Jupiter in Aries encourages us to embrace the inner pioneer, believe in ourselves, and make our own opportunities."


"With Jupiter in Aries, we function at our best when we feel free to be ourselves and act independently.

Jupiter in Aries brings opportunities related to initiative, new enterprises, independent ventures, and self-starts.

Faith in our ability to reinvent our lives and to move forward with confidence in spite of any “failures” or other challenges we may be leaving behind is strong during this cycle. We believe that “life is what you make it.” We enjoy competition as it pushes us to do better."

Thought the article was very fitting to what you seemed to experience.

Thank you for letting me know the date, I am blown away that it occured exactly in sync with the start of a new Jupiter cycle. Really cool!

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I think the Webinars are free to everyone. The Saturday session is for memebrs, but when I first joined, I was given 30 days free access to everything on the site. I assumed you would have that same access, but things may have changed, not sure.

She was definitely listening, glad she said ‘hi’ to everyone too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, very cool astrological info. Who knew!! I’ll be checking out the webinars and the Saturday group today.


The fact that it happened on May 10, was really mind blowing to me, talk about developing a deeper connection to the universe, your Self was definitely in tune with something big!

Its also worth noting that where Jupiter was in the sky on May 10, is almost identical to where was this week when you had the egg and whats above the trees dreams. I dont think its a coincidence, that its location in the stars is the border between the end and the begining, or put another way, it is ‘the Alpha and the Omega’, right in between where one great cycle ends, and another begins. Very, very cool!

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