Oneness appears

DREAM: In last night’s dream I’m in my bed inside the hive in the space occupied by the Self / my soul — I’m “in bed with” my soul. We are of one mind. The hive is on fire but it is not consumed ( like the Bible’s burning bush.)

PROCESS: As I was falling asleep last night, I asked my Self, “So what’s going on in the hive?” This instantly kick started the dream. The image evolved as it was unfolding in my mind. I roughed in the drawing of it at the same time. I was aware that the dream was being co-constructed by my ego and my Self. The responsiveness is tangible. Oneness of mind. Fabulous.

NOTE: I’m also aware that these hives tend to be slightly pornographic. There is a femaleness about them and me!


Fire illuminates, protects, and comforts. It was basically the only tool our ancestors had to illuminate the darkness when the sun set. Fire is sacred. (Almost all, if not all, the churches, mosques, and temples I have been in, use candles)

It is my understanding that the vast majority (95%+) of Lucid Dreams occur during REM sleep. In REM sleep, the both female and male genitals usually have increased blood flow to them, and become engroged. Not sure if the explains the pornographic vibe, or if it is something else.

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I can’t describe pornography, but I know it when I see it.
. . . . Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

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