Hive in a nest

This dream came the night after the bridge scene.

12/13/22 Dream: My hive is perched in a nest in a tree in the forest growing between the two hemispheres of my brain, surrounded by a gathering of the hives of the collective unconscious. They are radiant with energy of the universe from the inside out and very excited to see me. I am one of them now. My awareness / consciousness is nested “now here.”

Note: Holy cow. These wisdom dreams just keep coming. This is some kind of peak experience for me. It’s rockn’ my world. Thrilling but scary. I’m going to go to Andrew’s Q&A tomorrow afternoon. Anyone else going? (I submitted a question.)


Really cool dream. I also think it ties intomyour previous dream of your hive hatching from an egg. The nest might symbolize saftey and security as well, your new hive (evolving mind) may be finding it is feling much more at home on this scary but thrilling journy.

The fact that you had a precognitive dream, is a very big sign that you are opening up to this universal consciousness and energy, and possibly feeling more at home with it.

I dont think I am going to ne able to make the zoom meeting tomorrow, most of the meetings are tough with my schedule. But I almost always try to submit a question in advance, and watch the video once it posts. Going to try and make it to the dream sangha meeting this Saturday.

Just a reminder: It’s on Friday at 4:00 PM EST for this week only (unless otherwise announced).

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