5 dreams forward

Hello All,

How was today’s dream Sangha? I was hoping to come but couldn’t. I’ll have to watch the video.

The dreams keep coming. Here is a set from the last week of January that all go together. This is new territory for me and I’m really happy about that. I stopped feeling guilty about leaving the structure of my family of origin and at the same time sent a portfolio of my dream drawings to a couple of places that I hope will show them. I’m suddenly feeling like it’s time to stop hiding.

1/23/23 : I’ve given myself wings (like Tinker Bell) to fly up and out of the oars blocking my path. The oars respond, lifting up, guiding me, launching me forward.

1/24/23 : There’s a stationary diamond in the middle of the hive. Energy spins around it.

1/26/23 : Upstairs in a dark room a whale is in my swimming pool (I’ve dreamt of pools before – I think of them as my contained piece of the larger ocean of the Self.) My niece standing in the pool is there for scale.

I’m standing with my young daughter (my new self) next to a vase of dead flowers (my past me).

There’s a man (spirit guide) at the OPEN door directing tourists in to see it. The whale has become a travel destination.

1/29/23: The hive is a jet fuel pack on my back full of and powered by the universe. I’m carrying the harvest; I am harvesting the universe, I am harvesting our symbiotic relationship.

1/31/23 : Jesus (The Self) is handing the hive out the window of a food truck to my little girl me (original me). So joyous!


Love the drawings! Are you lucid in all of these or just have vivid recall of each, or both? The Dream Sangha is not recorded. :frowning_face:


I absolutely love this dream! Using what was formerly an obsticle and keeping you stuck now turned into a tool to propell you higher. Such powerful symbolism!

Same with the Hive jet pack, and the diamond. Love how your dream uses such meaniful symbols.

The whale one stumps me. The only thing that comes to mind is the saying “Big ‘fish’ in a small pond”. Perhaps there is a part of your self yearing for deeper or freer waters?

Staleness, lack of freshness and vitality, may also be commenting on the crampt stale space containing the whale?

Missed you at Sanga today, we had a really good group discussion at the end. Looking foward to next time!


These sketches are amazing! A gallery would be fortunate to have them. I love Jesus in the food truck. I want to be fed from there too! Bee-hive ultimate nourishment


Definitely lucid in all these dreams. It feels like my mind and the Self are working together on messaging. For instance, in the dream with the oars, I specifically remember saying to myself in the dream … fuck this, I’m giving myself wings to get out of this blockage. Then the Self responded by lifting up the oars in support. Very affirming!


The whale is indeed a big fish in a little pond. Affirmation that it’s time to stop hiding. I very much like that the spirit guide has opened the door. My husband thinks something big is coming my way but that just sounds like wishful thinking.

In The Book of Symbols by Taschen the whale is described as the great ancient mother. “Whale is the spirit of the Deep…an intelligence within ourselves that is more than the ego. Does the whale sense that the human ego, so long detached, yearns to reclaim its ancient mother?” P. 204

I think the vase of dead flowers are the parts of me that previously bloomed, have lived and run their course, and now are set aside like dried flowers in a vase.

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That’s a key for me as well—whether lucid or whatever—remembering what my thoughts are during the dream experience. Do you notice the same quality of thinking during the “waking” experience?


Yes!! More and more so.


Thought of your writing and drawings after I read the following:

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I can see this interpretation as well. In sales and business taking about a ‘whale’ can mean a big customer, ormbig payday, or something very profitable in your future.

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Thank you for this. Love it. Especially the theme that “we turn towards difficult truths that we refuse to see.” This is Shadow work for sure. I of course have a series of dream drawings about how the Shadow that has brought out the “art of your own healing.” I’ll post these in a bit.