🦋 Recognizing The Nature Of Mind

The pointing-out instruction (ngo sprod) is the direct introduction to the nature of mind in the Tibetan Buddhist lineages of Mahāmudrā and Dzogchen. In these traditions, a “root guru” gives the “pointing-out instruction” in such a way that the disciple successfully recognizes the nature of mind.

Here (although not Buddhist) Mooji gives simple and beautiful ‘pointing out’ instruction.


Really appreciate you sharing this, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

“from which position do I speak”


The link doesnt play here, but if you click watch on youtube it does play:

The comments of the video are pretty funny, they talk about how impressive the translator is. I agree, the Dalai Lama doesnt speak in short sentences.


@NightHawk999 thank you.

When i first watched this video in 2012 (11 years ago) the teaching felt so profound. It was the first time i heard the bit at 15:04 - 15:34 which helped me to understand something i was having difficulty with. The list of Longchenpa teachings is very helpful too. Especially seeing it was Longchenpa book Abiding In Awareness that gave me a powerful transmission.


Thes videos were really good. I am stealing them for the Treasure chest :wink:




That was fantastic! Lots of gems of wisdom in that one!

“Love being our essence, attainment is already complete.”

I did not tell you, but I had a dream about you the other day. It was short, you posted an important spiritual video on here, and the picture of the video was of the Buddha in a red robe. Not sure what the pic is of in that video, but when I saw it, it reminded me of the dream, to me, it looks like a red hoodie, or robe, cloaking an eternal being…


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Research Garab Dorje :shushing_face::wink:

Transformative :butterfly:

Wow thanks for sharing that info. Can you remember which video?
Was it HH The Dalai Lama in post of this thread?


Garab Dorje (c. 665) (Tibetan: དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་, Wylie: dga’ rab rdo rje)[1]was the first human to receive the complete direct transmission teachings of Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen from Vajrasattva. The circumstances of his birth are shrouded in different interpretations, with some accounts describing a miraculous birth by a virgin daughter of the king of Uddiyana.

Garab Dorje became the first teacher of Dzogchen (“Great Perfection”, also called Ati Yoga) teachings. Garab Dorje’s core teachings revolve around understanding the nature of the mind as the original Buddha, beyond birth and cessation, emphasizing meditation as a practice of allowing this natural state without seeking. According to the Nyingmaschool tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, he transmitted the profound empowerments of Dzogchen to his chief disciple, Manjushrimitra, and is also believed to have imparted these teachings to Padmasambhava.

His legacy includes the encapsulation of Dzogchen’s essence in the “Three Words that Strike to the Heart of the Essential Point”. This teaching is considered the pinnacle of Dzogchen wisdom, focusing on direct recognition of the nature of mind, single-pointed concentration, and confidence in liberating thoughts. Garab Dorje’s writings, attributed to him, are essential texts in the Dzogchen tradition, further solidifying his influence and significance in Tibetan Buddhism’s Nyingma school."

Very cool!

I was not an actual video that you have posted, it was a dream video. It may tie to the Dalai Lama one too, but the one you most recently posted resonated with me the deepest. I think its one of the best videos you have posted here, if not, the best. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:



Was it this one?
This was the prayer with tune i was waking up singing every day for a week.


It wasnt a video you posted in real life, the closest pictures that fit its depiction would be the Dalai Lama one, mixed witht he red hoodie one, it was a pic of the Buddha in red robes sitting and facing forward.


@NightHawk999 Did you work out what your dream meant?

In my personal dream interpretation data base I use this is the meaning.

Red monk robes=introduction to Higher Self, privy to deeper knowledge. The teacher.
Hoodie=certain aspects of knowledge held invisible until the time is right.
Buddha=be in your nature in the presence. (Buddha nature)

Red robe monks follow Tibetan Buddhism.
Orange Robe monks follow Theravada.

The Bön Buddhist monks also where red robes.


Appreciate you writing this. So I clicked on the audiobook to listen to the Upanishads 20min ago and I had a flash of a dream I had forgotten, either last night or the night before. I was in a local library, and there on a high shelf I had to reach for were Buddist books/manuscripts made of ordinary white printer paper. I was surprised and happy access to all these documents were free at the library.

Cool dream.

I didnt read any of the manuscripts in it, but had a sense they were filled with valuable knowledge.



Did any of it suggest to you the message in your dream?

So shortly before i posted meanings of another dream you had the Upanishads audio book cause you a vision remembering recent dream:

Yes its a cool dream, but its more than that. All these dreams, especially since your Abyss dream are giving you very direct signposts.

I can give you a clue.
High up on a shelf in dream code means:
You have ‘shelved’ (put aside a plan, decided not to continue) something, that requires an endeavour to reach an achievement you seek.

I did what you like doing; a bibliomancy with my Upanishads book:


Yes, that is why I think this image resonated with me so much, along with the contents of the video.

I am being introduced to deeper knowledge, the higher self, and buddha nature, and aspects of that knowledge still remain hidden.

I did not catch also the dream pun of Higher Self & Higher shelf :upside_down_face:

I also did not tell you that I put th document back on the high shelf after looking at it, thinking I would check it out from the library and read it at a different day. Impressive you picked up on this.

Thank you for this:

Lots of wisdom in those words. I have not been meditaring as much as I should.

Did I show you my winter Sleeping Pajamas?

My apartment is freezing at night in these colder nights, picked it up about 4 or 5 years ago on sale, I think its designed for sporting events on cold days, I did not know about the monks red robes when I bought it:

I bought it becuase it had ‘jedi’ vibes, was really warm, (and the price was insanely cheep) but I would not be caught dead wearing it in public lol. Come to think of it, the time I bought it was pretty close to when I had my first really big premonition dream.


Less than 24 hours later, reading this morning I came upon this minor, but very important synchronicity:

I had read about the use of Puns in dreams in other books, but disregarded its importance.

I am glad I shared this dream last winter, now I think I may know the meaning of what the teacher was writing on the chalk board:

"I wish I was at that level where I could become lucid and ask them, but still in the infancy stages of lucidity.

Really interesting you bring up shadow figures, its possible. I think you are on to something though, becuase when I hit the ground floor, I walked into a classroom with a beautiful young short black woman as the teacher. I wonder if she was an Anima figure, and or Shadow figure trying to teach me something as well. She wrote the word “Gravis” on the chalk board, then in another section wrote “Invidius”. I knew the the first translation was the adjective “heavy, or grave”, and in the dream thought I knew the definition of the second, but when I looked it up, the correct translation is “jealousy”. Put the two together “heavy jealousy”, definitely a shadow element that I need to still do work on.

Appreciate your thoughts, thank you."

“Heavy Jealousy”?

Or was the dream being punny, and saying:

" 'Grave’Jealousy"

Based on the context I can totally see that latter interpretation being more fitting. Not jealous of physical death, but jealous of Ego death, and the ability to experience Rigpa in Sleep Yoga, or ‘ground level’ consciousness, which may also be the foundation of the Akashic records?



The red hooded robe image used on video for the Garab Dorje teaching, which was like what you saw in your dream maybe suggesting a road sign.

"Garab Dorje became the first teacher of Dzogchen (“Great Perfection”
Dzogchen are the highest teachings in Tibetan Buddhism.

The title of this thread is pointing the way.

Your dream here are “important” sign posts. I could say more but its your journey and like dreams are in code, part of the fun for the Seeker is deciphering because this grounds an intention.

Important dreams will use so many ways. :smile:

Love your burgundy hoodie!
Many many of the Tibetan monks i know wear these tops (maybe not with Champion) with their robes. They love fashion!
Maybe you were a monk in a previous life therefore drawn to this colour clothing.


I think you may be right.

There it is.

Did I mention Sunday I went to a Buddhist temple, last time I went there was about a year ago. The teaching the monk gave was very meaningful. He more or less said what makes his religion different from some others, is the fact that it teachers the flock to question.

Appreciate this reminder.

Please say more. :pray:

Part of the fun for the Seeker is also getting help from wise teachers :star_struck:

Would not shock me. Wish there was a way to find out…



Tick :white_check_mark:

I remember you saying about meeting a monk but the covid restrictions closed his venue ?
So what happened on Sunday?
Is the monk teaching Tibetan Buddhism? Which school?