Skyscraper Library

In the dream I am in a very tall skyscraper, and every level has very high ceilings that are stacked from floor to ceiling with books. The center is hollowed out, so that from the very top floor if you looked down you could see all the way down to the bottom. There are escalators that move from floor to floor, and starting at the top I take them down to the lower levels. After a few levels I realize how tedious this is and how long it will take to get to the bottom, so I decide to go to the very center of the skyscraper where there is an elevator.

Inside the elevator with a few people, it starts going down slowly. Then something happenes and the elevator cord breaks and the elevator starts to free fall down very fast. People are panicing, and I get flung to the ceiling of the elevator, seeing the others below me.

I am afraid. But soon after the initial wave of fear there is also a sense of calm detachment that washes over me knowing that I am going to be allright in the end. In this state I moved with the elevator. Surrendering to its movements, and not fighting fate. It kept free falling, and then hit the first floor hard.

No one was hurt and there was no damage to the elevator. A miracle! Almost like God had interviened, and I walked out of it unfazed and nonchalantly as if nothing had happened.

There is more to the dream but too long to write out. When I woke I could not stop thinking about how vivid it was. And how much of the dreams I remembered from that night.

48 hours later, on the weekend I went to ride a horse with a friend to celebrate New years eve. After walking some distance and going over a few hills, we decided to go for a trot (making the horse move faster). When I squeezed the horse to go faster he did and a few seconds later, started to panic and run even faster. (I did not know it at the time, but the girdle stap that connects the saddle around the horses belly was slipping because I had not tightened it enough. This caused the saddle to slide and girrdle to pinch the skin of the horse, making it panic.). Eventually The saddle slipped too far to the right and made it impossible to stay on, and I fell of the horse and hit the ground.

The ground is usally rock hard and frozen this time of year. Thank God for warm temperature and weather which caused the snow to melt and ground to soften. I was lucky to walk away with no injuries, not even any bruises! Any soreness did not last more than 24 hours. Someone above was looking out for me for sure!

At the time I did not put the two events together, but upon reflection, I think the dream of the elevator may have been a dream of clarity (premonition dream).

The exact same emotion of fear, coupled with a detached calm collectedness of being able to rise above the fear, and know that things would be ok paralleled both the dream and the fall. Also in both I did not try to fight the choas, but surrendered to it, and moved with the flow. Had I faught to stay on the horse, I think I would have been seriously injured.

At first when I thought the dream might be a premonition because it was so vivid, I wrote it off as none, becuase there was no strong emotion(s) associated with it. But then upon reflection I realized just how intense the initial fear of falling in the elevator was. And also how irregular this type of dream was for me. So the dream definitely had the two big variables I have experienced in these types of dreams in the past: deep vividness and intense emotion.

I definitely think the meditation practices I have done up to now really helped me stay alert and in the moment, and not succomb to panic, and move with the flow to emerge unharmed.

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Cool dream!!! The floors of library feel like levels of knowledge you are passing through, book knowledge, structured learning. In the end, surrendering to the fall takes you into the empty space inside the elevator with the other people. This sounds to me like the collective space, the collective unconscious. Those people / spirit guides may have been your chaperones. In the end, learned knowledge can take you just so far. Surrendering to the free fall into that energy of that space, that conscious energy is the target.

I just read your dream over again. A couple of things come to mind. I think the dream was really vivid for you because your psyche is really trying to get your attention. Elevator metaphor - perhaps giving you energy to elevate your soul. Take you to the next level. Feels like you’re hitting a ceiling above and a hard floor below. It’s about surrendering to that conscious energy in the elevator, that’s in you.

I would ask the people in the elevator to come show you in a dream who they are metaphorically. Are any of them in the shadows, are they shadow figures? They might be able to show a way forward.


Really love this interpretation of it, you make some very insightful points!

It definitely hit home because I had a thought when writing this post that the Libray might have symbolised the Akashic Records, very cool that that thought parallels your interpretation of the collective consciousness, my view is that they are just different names for the same concept. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with you 100% that the psyche was trying to get my attention. I have learned that vividness in dreams is so important to pay attention to the messages that are trying to be conveyed.

I wish I was at that level where I could become lucid and ask them, but still in the infancy stages of lucidity.

Really interesting you bring up shadow figures, its possible. I think you are on to something though, becuase when I hit the ground floor, I walked into a classroom with a beautiful young short black woman as the teacher. I wonder if she was an Anima figure, and or Shadow figure trying to teach me something as well. She wrote the word “Gravis” on the chalk board, then in another section wrote “Invidius”. I knew the the first translation was the adjective “heavy, or grave”, and in the dream thought I knew the definition of the second, but when I looked it up, the correct translation is “jealousy”. Put the two together “heavy jealousy”, definitely a shadow element that I need to still do work on.

Appreciate your thoughts, thank you.

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