"Last Night's Dream"

“Last Night’s Dream”

I am running through an office building.

It has an open plan layout but it’s like a maze or a labyrinth.

At some turns I encounter men in business suits sitting at conference tables talking casually.

It’s evening. Around 8 pm. New York City lights are shimmering outside the windows.

I’m searching for something and that’s why I’m running.

I look under tables and in boxes.

I find a deflated blow-up and I can’t make out what it is.

It’s inside out.

When I push it through to the other side it pops into shape.

It’s another office building.

I say out loud, “Oh, it’s Maxim.”

It appears to be the office building I worked in 20 years ago on 9/11.

Suddenly everyone in the building is running and searching too.

It’s all ending. All of it.

And we’ve been told that we can take only one memory with us.

One memory that made all of life worth living.

Only one of all the millions of memories can go with us.

And I am searching. Desperately.

And time is running out.

And it’s getting darker.

And I’m being sucked into a dark tunnel.

I’m reaching back towards the light for the memory I will take with me.

There’s such an urgency.

At the same time that I’m being sucked into the tunnel I’m reaching back to the light.

My whole life is flashing before my eyes like a slideshow on a daisy wheel.

And at the same time I’m sorting through mental files.

How will I know which one to choose?

I feel down into my body.

At the very last second, I know.

At the very last second, I know the one memory to take.

The one memory that made it all worth it.

It’s being born.

  • Sept 26, 2020

This is so beautiful.
A poem.
Thank you for sharing.



it really was my dream. I wrote it exactly as I remembered it. Thank you for reading it.


I found it beautiful as well <3 tank you for sharing

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I can’t help from using the word ‘lucid’ for your description. Seems like there’s a stark beauty to clarity, or vice versa, whatever the images are. I am curious, how did you feel when you awoke? And did you feel like you were in the director’s chair?

I felt like I found the key that fit the lock
I felt like I found it in the nick fo time and that was extraordinary
I felt like I was born again into this world, from that tunnel, when I awoke
I felt like the tunnel was the birth canal
I felt like I chose the right wish - the wish that grants all other wishes (this is a reference to the genie and the lamp)
I felt relieved - that all the other things I thought I had to do to make my life matter or worthwhile - I felt they were all achieved in being born
I felt like being born contains everything - pain, joy, fear, breath, blood, shit, tears, love - everything
I felt extraordinary - I felt like I had the dream of dreams
I feel like I’ll be thinking about this dream for the rest of my life
I feel like there is more to be revealed to me
I feel relieved to know that under immense pressure and a sensation of running out of time that I now have carved a groove within myself of knowing I can count on myself
I felt like I was birthing myself
I feel like I’ll be dreaming this dream again

Thank you for asking.


Better than a sleeping pill!

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That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing that.


A good dream is always a good poem!