Finished My First Dream Journal (9 months)

I’ve been recording dreams in my first dream journal since learning about Dream Yoga in Andrew’s online course (via Tricycle) last summer. As someone who hasn’t remembered many dreams over the years it was not easy to get started and hard to fill the pages up with meaningful memories. For a time, I had little to write about except “no dreams again tonight,”

It was a week or two before I remembered a few tiny dream fragments and additional weeks to recall some non-lucid dreams. I was so excited to have any dreams at all that I would get up and quickly write down what I remembered before it all slipped away. Frequently, when I looked at the journal in the morning I found I couldn’t even read most of my scribbling, or I hadn’t written enough and I knew there was more to the experience that I had just forgotten.

Reading through this finished journal I can spot a few lucid dreams—some more lucid than others according to the Kellogg scale—but I realize how important it is to keep that daily record and I intend this next volume to record a lot more meaningful lucid dreams.


Congratulations! Did you noticed any recurring dream signs or patterns in your dreams after re-reading your journal? Your post reminded me that I should spend some time rereading some of my journals- thanks!


I noticed a few recurring locations (Universities, campuses, big city streets) and attempts to return to placess I had visited before in the same dream. When I remembered to reality check looking at turning my hands, my middle two fingers disappeared so I k ew I was dreaming. I just need to remember to do reality checks, which I mostly forget to do.