An Almost Lucid Dream

My dream this early morning was a wild travelogue. I was travelling - yes more than a metaphor - and during the parts of the dream that I can remember I was in New York and staying in an apartment while looking for a hotel to stay in. The first place was very high-end but of course every time I turned around the rooms were changing. At first I didn’t notice and then I did - I think this is where I started to think about lucid dreaming. I wasn’t quite aware that I was dreaming but I knew I was in a not-normal time//space. I went outside in search of a hotel and met my sister unexpectedly. She gave me some advice about a bus to take and special tickets you could buy in order to travel farther/longer. I was alternately in a hotel talking with people and on the bus. I woke up while looking out the window and seeing the most amazing mountains covered in snow. (Remember I am in New York) I knew it was unusual to see these mountains so clearly. I even saw an avalanche. This was the second time that it almost occurred to me that I might be dreaming. The whole experience was very pleasant despite being very disjointed and illogical.

Has anyone else had the experience of being almost lucid?


Your dream signs?—New York City, rooms changing, meeting your sister, thinking bout lucid dreaming, snow covered mountains, avalanche, again, might be dreaming?

Questioning the dream status twice. Why don’t you think this is a lucid dream?

You knew who you were, where you were…and what you were doing. You questioned the “reality” of what you were seeing.

Sounds pretty lucid to me. :wink:


I guess because I expected to know that I was in a dream. I didn’t ‘know’ so much as notice the oddness of the dream.


Andrew and other experienced LD teachers emphasize that Lucidity is not binary (lucid/non-lucid) but rather occurs along a continuum. The awareness you exhibited seems to indicate a level of lucidity, though not as highly lucid as you would have liked. Kellogg has a nice summary of stages of lucidity here.


Thank you for that clarification.

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Thanks for sharing that, Barry - and the link. Ditto what @evelyn.mckelvie said… appreciate the clarification.

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Evelyn, I even go so far as to try to remember my thinking in any dream, lucid or non-lucid, to see how my subconscious reacts to situations that in the daytime are colored by my conditioning, social graces and environment. Often, as I try to become kinder and more compassionate, I can see that my thinking in the dream is not how I often used to react to situations in waking life, but is indeed kinder and surprisingly compassionate. For me, any dream I can remember is a good dream.


YES! And I am really glad you brought this up, beucase I had this experience 2 nights ago, I was so close to becoming lucid I could also ‘taste it’ lol.

i woke up a little frustrated at the fact that I didnt achieve full lucidity, but upon reflection, I now see it as big progress.

Same Exact feeling. The sense that these dream characters are really off, or something is not ‘normal’ about them.

I believe this shows the that the seeds are starting to grow roots in the subconscious. And will soon germinate if conditions are kept ideal.

Thank you for sharing, I think it is a very important topic, especially for beginners who have not become lucid or are struggling with doing it on demand.