❤ Andrew's Interviews: Some of my favorites (A few more)

Previously, I posted a medium-sized list of some of my favorite Edge of Mind interviews that Andrew has recorded over the past three years. This is not an exhaustive list, just my take. I know some folks will have other favorites, but there are no wrong choices! For each of these new dialogues, check out the linked blurb page for further info to help you decide if you want to listen. Andrew’s guest list is so eclectic that it may help you narrow down your interests. Some of the heavy hitters are not included because they are obvious (Sharon Saltzberg, B. Alan Wallace and Robert Waggoner to name 3). Listening time is an investment, so spend it wisely. Here are a few more to go with the linked originals:

Evan Thompson. Andrew mentioned him and his contributions to liminal dreaming in the recent weekend teaching with Bob Thurman. The discussion begins with a look at enactivism, the revolutionary concept explored with neuroscientist Francesco Varela in the landmark book The Embodied Mind, co-authored with Evan. The enactive view provides a platform for “I-making” as explored in Dr. Thompson’s most recent book, Waking Dreaming Being – that the self is an ongoing process of construction, a process that can be explored as the sense of self trans-forms when we fall into sleep and dream. Check out the postings after the interview for some interesting followup.

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens Journey into the Field of Exo Studies. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens joins Andrew in a truly out-of-this world journey into the field of Exo Studies. Central to this field is the study of what is real, and the importance of expanding our minds to encompass the “high strangeness” of reality. “Exo” implies something outside the confines of contractive egoic domains, and the importance of leaving this limited view behind. Andrew raved about this one for a while. Definitely a different focus!

Daniel Goleman and Tsoknyi Rinpoche Discuss Their Book “Why We Meditate”. Bob Thurmn raved about this book during the weekend retreat and Andrews discussion with them highlights some of the main points and techniques they promote.

Bernado Kastrup: An Exploration of Idealism.. Abdrew finds a non-spiritual soulmate who reaches amazing conclusions through reason alone. Kastrup is a really hot property now and Andrew takes him to the end of the Universe and back. There is a part 2 as well.

Delson Armstrong - The Marvels of the Mind and “High Altitude” States of Meditative Absorption (Jhana) - Part I One of these “Holy Cow” interviews where the dialogue is like overhearing two profs in the heavenly faculty lounge discuss mind-blowing techniques for doing nothing really well. Join author and meditation adept Delson Armstrong in an extra-ordinary tour of the marvels of the mind, and “high altitude” states of meditative absorption (jhana). The conversation begins with Delson’s background in Hindu based practices, his journeys into the Himalayas, and his candid experiences with the jhanas, especially the summit of nirodhasamapatti, or “equipoise of cessation,” a form of suspended animation that can last for seven days.

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang on the Power of Dreaming and Traditional Tibetan Medicine in the Modern World. This gentleman is really a terrific source for so many Tibetan subjects. I took a course on Tummo (Tantric Breathing) with him and Bob Thurman and it was excellent. Join Dr. Nida, a dream yoga master and Tibetan physician, for a unique tour into the power of dreaming, and the place of traditional Tibetan medicine in the modern world. Dr. Nida offers a rare look into the world of Tibetan dream interpretation, and how one can interpret dreams for purposes of healing. Can your dreams tell you that your body is in trouble long before a traditional diagnosis is made? He is often cited by Andrew and Dr. Thurman when they offer Dream and Sleep Yoga wisdom.

A Deep Dive Into The World Of Nightmares With Clare Johnson She is one of the pioneers of using LD and Dream Yoga for nightmare healing. This is the second dialogue with Andrew and I think more relevant for people looking for specific help in this area. The first was [here](https://Interview with Dr. Clare Johnson)

Christopher M. Bache on His Journey Exploring LSD as a Practice, and Entheogens as an Actual Path. A wow interview, first of two parts on the subject. If yo have any interest in psychedelics you might enjoy this one. n this highly provocative podcast, Christopher Bache discusses his 40-year journey exploring LSD as a practice, and entheogens as an actual path. Twenty years taking 73 high-dose journeys into the nature of mind and reality, and twenty years digesting what he discovered. Chris talks about the difference between spiritual awakening and cosmological exploration during his adventure in consciousness, the promise, the peril, and the pain. What is the risk of “high-altitude sickness,” and are psychedelics a short-cut to enlightenment? How valid is “chemical mysticism,” and how do you know what you experience is true?

Guru Viking interviews Andrew Holececk If you want to learn more about Andrew, this is an excellent dialogue with Guru Viking who has an amazing collection of Dharma-related interviews.

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Delson Armstrong is one of my favorites as well. I still need to check out his books

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