🤠 Andrew's Interview About Reverse Meditations to a Different Audience

Andrew is getting a lot of attention for his latest book and I think it is interesting to see how interviewers approach his message from their perspectives.


@_Barry so pleased you started this thread after coincidentally i posted this yesterday

All the recent wisdom being shared in NC and from Andrews interviews or podcast all connecting synchronicities etc have been extraordinary.
The topic im most blown away by is entering lucid dreams to not only heal yourself but others too.

And @BlessingsDeers today posted about the same “healing in dreams” that the ancient dreamers performed.


I searched to see if it had been posted. Glad you did.


Very cool synchronicity with you and @Bianca_Aga s posts :cowboy_hat_face:


Join host Michael Taft as he speaks with meditation teacher and author Andrew Holecek about “reverse meditation,”


Reverse Meditation: Andrew was interviewed by Scott Tusa (a Buddhist monk for 9 years)


Thanks for sharing Bianca… Andrew is very eloquent and explains things at the correct level of detail.

I totally relate to the subject, but stopped listening after 10 mins because it felt that the interviewer was disturbing the flow.


Talking about @Andrew new book Reverse Meditation

You’re welcome @carlmorton1970

100% … I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Me too! Seems that many customers relate too, like this one:

I listened to the whole of the 4 different interviews posted in this thread.

:thinking: Err … which interview are you referring too?
I did find the 1st one “Mind Love Podcast” didn’t flow because of the interrupting adverts.

Enjoyed the interview with Scott Tusa, because he was a Tibetan Buddhism monk (not sure which school) for 9 years, suggests he knows a lot in this field.

With reference to the reviews of the book, even though Andrews pal Robert Thurman wouldn’t be too critical, his review grants attention:


“Andrew has done it again! First he nudged us toward lucidity in the sleep bardo with his awesome book Dream Yoga. Then toward more lucidity in the life bardo with the even more awesome Dreams of Light. Now he brilliantly demonstrates how there need be no gaps, even when we confront the untoward, when we are jarred out of positive awareness by adversity and pain and injury, and we turn it all into advantage in his latest great work, this wonderful Reverse Meditation. I cannot recommend it highly enough–a great read and immensely useful for thriving and evolving positively in this world of obstacles.” --Robert Thurman, professor emeritus, author of Wisdom Is Bliss and the Bantam Books translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead.


I bought 2 copies of the book, and gave the other away as a gift. I wish Andrew had a buy in bulk option, so you cpuld buy 3 or 5 or 10 copies of the book at a discount, and give the others away as gifts.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


Yes Scott Tusa, I couldn’t warm to his interviewing style.