Apple Watch as a sleep cycle tracker

I have an older Apple Watch Series 4, which due to the new operating system update (Watch OS9) yesterday now seems to track sleep cycles pretty well. I compared it with my iPhone based date stamped dream journal and another app I use that records snoring and movement, and it all aligned pretty well.


Its crazy how advanced technology is becoming.

I heard Tim Cook in a interview once say that Apples Legacy decades from now will not be as a tech company, but as a health care company.


I’m hoping the Fitbit Inspire 2, which has gotten very good reviews by that same reviewer, remains a decent option, as it’s much less expensive (and one is already on its way to me right now!) option. I tried using a mobile phone app to track sleep via sound and movement, but I kept knocking it off the bed onto the floor at night, waking me up, and generally fussing with it kept me more awake, so I ditched using it (and started sleeping better!).


… they (apple, Samsung & co.) persuade you to carelessly expose your personal health data, then they sell it and … call themselves a health care company… they do care, but not for your personal health.

And for those who believe it“s just all anonymized aggregated data, check up on topics of cross-site cookies etc and companies specialized in the identification of individuals out of a few data pools. Individuals were and are specifically identified for tailored advertisements and political campaigns.

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Yup, these thech companies treat people worse than cattle.

I have said it before, when Historians look back at this time period, they will tiltle it something like The Era Of Digital Slavery.


Another point of view to consider is that having a device strapped to your body that produces strong EMF’s and radio waves is not so great for one’s health and sleep. It’s bad enough that we walk around with cell phones all day but having one strapped to one’s body while sleeping may not be the best. Personally I put my cell phone on airplane mode while sleeping or put it in another room. Just my opinion. I’m sure that there are a variety of scientific opinions out there. You can’t escape EMF’s in today’s world but I choose to minimize them while I sleep.


Even better would be to take the battery out and put the phone in a metal container.

God only knows what other unknown radiation(s) they may also emit.

Check out the work of Biophysicist Beverly Rubik, who has been researching the effects of cell phone radiation on the blood: December 17, 2015 Meeting, “The Wireless World of Communications and Our Health” with Beverly Rubik, PhD - Silicon Valley Health Institute

I also try to avoid holding the cell phone up to my head when talking as it is blasting the brain with EMF and RF. Instead I put it on speaker phone. Sometimes I get odd looks when talking on speaker phone in public places but I really don’t care.