Who has MUZE? I has questions!

MUZE came up in the last Questionar and noted it could be used to find “the sweet spots” during one’s sleep. That’s a good thing to know.

My questions:

  • Does it break out the EEG data? Like different hertz or whateverz?

  • Are you limited to their app?

  • Is most functionality for the iPhone and other apple devices? (was my impression from the website a month ago), or can you export and tinker in some sort of program (not app - ug) in Win10?

I’ve been on a geek-quest around EEGs/neurofeedback, Theta, and the unconscious for years now, but nothing has been affordable or very reliable to date.

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mycoses, you may be interested in two of my previous threads:

Muse - Brainwave Biofeedback for meditation - anyone using this?

Muse S - Potentially Accurate Tracking of Sleep Stages

As noted in the second thread, I emailed their customer care center asking a couple of questions, and they responded quickly, so you could probably get answers to your questions that way. Common questions and customer care contact info at this link.


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I just noticed this new category, btw!

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