Binaural beats. Success stories?

I’ve experimented with binaural beats for about ten years including Monroe Institute retreats. Results? Vague, at best. I’ve also tried Tom Campbell’s (My Big Toe) personally mixed binaural tracks. Nothing much. Certainly nothing compared to LD!
Has anyone had any “success” with this method?

Hi Richard. I’ve been using Holosync daily for the past 11 years (it’s a 12 years system, so I’m nearly done!) Despite it being marketed as a meditation system, I don’t consider my time listening to it as meditation. I find that it stimulates my creativity, so I usually write while listening to it, either dream journal, regular journal, or ideas for my creative endeavors. I think it puts me in a low alpha brainwave, which is great for creative thinking, and for recalling dreams in detail. I also sometimes fall asleep towards the end of it because the last 15 minutes gets into a deeper theta frequency.

In addition to this I do a normal daily sitting meditation, which is a different experience. I’ve tried to meditate listening to holosync and it doesn’t work well for me. The headphones are distracting (you have to use big studio headphones), and I either think the whole time or fall asleep.

Overall I enjoy using the binaural audio and may continue to use it even after I finish the whole system. I have an overactive monkey mind, and it slows it down within minutes every time I listen to it, so that alone makes it worthwhile!

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My results are vague at best as well.
That being said if you download the hemi-sync app you get a new full length track to try each day.


Hi Richard,
I’ve tried holosync (like it!) but not nearly to the extent of Celeste- 11 years- wow! I enjoy the rather dream-like quality of meditating with the binaural beats. And I use the Hemi-Sync app Bob mentions several times a week. There are certain tracks I have found I like better than others. Often I end up just resting, but at times I have drifted into a semi lucid type nap and/or experimented with my energy body. I find late afternoon is a great time for me to use the app- I am tired enough to rest deeply or even fall asleep for a short time, but not so tired that I will sleep for hours.
I am not familiar with Tom Campbell, but I will check it out.

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