Gateway Experience

Has anybody tried the Monroe Institute Gateway Experience tapes?

I’ve been practicing Wave I in conjunction with for a few weeks. Basically would do a listen of the tape, along with imagined scenarios, every morning.

However, I feel like as I’ve continued to practice, I’ve gotten farther and farther away from AP / WILD (although I continue to have spontaneous lucid dreams) and recently I’m pretty resistant to listening.

Just wondering if anybody else has been through something similar…


Hi Womp,

I am a big fan of Bob Monroe, his books and his work in general. That being said I have not had much success with the wave series…although many have. Have not had much success with Frank’s method’s either but really enjoyed reading about his phasing techniques and experiences.

What makes you feel like you are moving further away from AP/wild? Have you had better success with other methods?



About three weeks ago I had a few experiences after reaching the vibrational state of either hearing loud rushing on attempted separation, or seeing a flash of closed-eye vision. At the time I wrote the above post, I had almost entirely stopped reaching the vibrational state at all, let alone anything after.

My current guess is I was just studying too much and making everything more complicated than it had to be, gateway included. I think the trick is more or less just doing some basic stuff consistently.


Were you using a particular technique to achieve the vibrational state or was it something that occurred naturally?

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I have all the way to Wave IV AND took the 5-day Gateway course in California. I met some great people that I have remained friends with now for 7 years. But effectiveness? If I don’t just go into pretty unfocused sleeping, visuals and “messages” are very vague. There is nothing I’ve found as profound as LD! (Well, except LSD🤭)


Very handy link. Thanks


Not really… more like WBTB paired with intention to experience it.

Now I’m playing around with the techniques in Astral Dynamics, which are basically energy work -> bouncing your awareness around -> rope exit. Had a promising session this afternoon, we’ll have to see.


Good stuff…please keep us posted on your progress.


the hemi synch tones and rushing sounds plus white lights don’t require tapes. just still mind and tune in to baseline aural beats in mid area of your brain/head. i had lama give me this practice. :pray: :musical_note:

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monroe institute was ‘captured’ by cia while tom campbell was there.

I’ve attended two MRI courses, including Gateway when I lived in the UK and they were completely useless for me. Possibly the perspective was wrong for me :roll_eyes: The person who ran it was an ex-US Secret Service operative. Didn’t feel she gave a toss about doing it for the gathered people there, some of whom were sincere, lovely people. Bored stiff, she was. ??? There were some spiritual egotists there as well, e.g. “I’ve just been to see The Galactic Council…” Yeah, whatever. When the course was over, they all got stuck into drinking alcohol. Anarchy in the UK.

I rather love Bob Monroe actually, having read his books and watched many YouTube vids of him, but he wasn’t there.

Just saying.


As far as you knew . . . :grinning:


I’m absolutely certain he wasn’t, Barry. There were several psychics in the group and they didn’t sense him either :smiley:


Hey, @_Barry, I saw your lovely Buddha picture representing you at the Zoom meeting a couple of days ago. No face, but have heard your voice. I guess you were being no-Barry, right? :grinning: Are those Buddha pictures available to buy anywhere, or did yours come from Tibet?

I was a number, which is ok by me as I’m happy to be no-Jane. Good to share that talk. Andrew is inspiring and so energetic.

Have a peaceful weekend.

no-Jane :pray:


Hi no-Jane,

The Buddha Thangka we have comes from Nepal but they are usually too expensive to buy here. You can get a nice print on Amazon, I share that in a post to the Hangout on Thursday. Since we can never really see ourselves in a mirror, how much less of us appears on Zoom? I’m waiting for Andrew to turn into a cat!


That’s great, no-Barry! Cat? The White Rabbit, maybe? :rofl: I can try the chant too, as it’s the right one for me to get to the Pure Land, right? What a break that’d be! Do you intone it? How many times a day? I’d need a number and do it better with a specific goal.

Thank you :hatching_chick:

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Maya has me doing it for 15 minutes a day but that’s not set in stone. I am sure Andrew or Prof. Thurman will address it during the retreat next weekend. Going? I use the Chant meditation app (free) on my iPhone as a guide. No longer available on iPhone but it is on Google Play. Not sure why it’s still on my iPhone, but it’s a great app. Cat reference.

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Sadly, can’t afford retreat. NZ dollar not a strong currency like US, sigh, so it’s double the dosh. Thank you for info about the chant. 10 to 15 mins sounds no struggle. Love the cat :grinning:

Have a peaceful weekend :pray:

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There is an empowerment and transmission to be given by Garchen Rinpoche on March 6,7, donation cost only—whatever you like, money, gratitude, good thoughts—that is very powerful. I signed up and I know many others have as well. Time difference is the same, EST, but I believe he is one of the more enlightened beings on the planet and worthwhile to attend. The Saturday empowerment is in the afternoon (EST) and Sunday not. I’ve gone to a few retreats live, and they were pricey, but worth it. Online options are a welcome compromise, yet still pricey for many in today’s world. Perhaps scholarships and discounts will be offered.

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Thank you so much, Barry. Much appreciated. I’m not going to ask for discounts, etc., as it seems counter-productive. The best way is to find a possible way by oneself, in my view. I know that I always receive what I need if I’m just persistent and patient. I shall check out Garchen Rinpoche. “See” you there, Dharma friend.

Blessings :pray:

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