Artistic representations of dreams (paintings, video etc)

Not yet. Somewhat pressed for time. Currently aiming for consistency not duration.


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I love this, how beautiful!


This video is like a horrific (and also kinda cool) sleep paralysis nightmare. Really captures the sense of dread and anxiety


I toured some local murals today. Three of the dreamier ones:

It was only a dream - Miles Toland

artist: Lora Zombie

Rosie the Revelator - Lauren YS



Hey dreamfriends!

@ArthurG recommended I post some of my work on this thread. My art practice revolves around dreamlife so I hope this finds you all well and offers some sort of positive feeling




I love Lauren’s work! We went to the same highschool in Colorado haha


Kelly Bulkeley has some dream-related videos posted here.

“In sleep, we dream deep. Even the strongest need an escape. To dream is not weak. Night out, day in.”

“From sleep so deep, we wake. Eyes open. Living, breathing dreams.”

RISING (Vimeo, 5 min) is a tribute to the relentless resilience of the human spirit. During this global pandemic we have collaborated with an international array of 14 cinematographers to create this inspiring message of hope. In a time when the issues of the world would have us divided, this film demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together. RISING shows the beauty of the world that surrounds us and the power of unity and human connection.”

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Good idea!!!
Some times I have drawings…


I found this and I like it:


Thanks, lepantin :slight_smile:

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Lots of dreamy images at Extraordinary Fantasy Art by Jeremiah Morelli

Here’s another dream-recreation by my friend Elizabeth: Dream Drawing - Screaming Lady and Frankenstein Ice Cream Sandwiches (a 1-minute YouTube video tour of a virtual reality recreation of the dream scene. The YouTube description describes the dream in more detail.

Elizabeth comments: “I really enjoy dream work in VR, it is informative (although sometimes unsettling) to recreate and inhabit the dreamspace in waking life.” I think dream re-creation is one of the more exciting uses of virtual reality.

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Impressive in many ways including the overall image and the command of Tilt Brush, which still eludes me.

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