B. Alan Wallace In Sacramento

Hey Guys, just letting you know B. Alan Wallace is going to be in Sacramento in January. I’m pretty excited because he was my first strong influence to actually PRACTICE meditation rather than just read or listen to podcasts about it. I am hoping to attend the talk and I think there is also a sort of retreat thing happening over the course of the weekend. Here’s the info: https://sierra2.org/event/genuine-happiness-a-friday-evening-talk-with-dr-b-alan-wallace/


Hey Chloe, thanks for letting us know about this! It sounds quite interesting. I’m strongly considering going to the talk on Friday, and maybe the “The Path to Genuine Happiness: A Weekend Workshop” workshop (or at least Sunday; it sounds like you can go to either workshop day, but I work on Saturday).

Has anyone in Night Club done this kind of workshop with B. Alan Wallace? If so, what is it like?


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