The way of Shamata - Retreat with B. Alan Wallace

Having been strongly inspired by @Andrew ˋs interview with Alan Wallace and Alanˋs precise explanations on shamata and vipassana, I decided to dedicate meditation time on shamata on a daily basis and found this amazing video of one of Alanˋs retreats on youtube, which I thought I should share with anyone interested in shamata:

Clear, precise, well structured. IMO, these free 26 video sessions are a great offering to anyone wanting to practice shamata.


Have you watched all 26 episodes?

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Hi Barry,
I am about to start the 5th episode now.
Have you checked out some episodes?
On some the audio volume is a bit low but understandable.

best regards


It’s in the queue.

I recently found a 33 part audio conference by Alan Wallace from a dream yoga retreat in 2010. The Shamatha meditations are excellent. I’ve tried meditation in the past without success but with this guidance I am finding meditation so much easier and also in the context of dream yoga.


Do you have a link to the dream yoga retreat in 2010? Interested.


found it.


How would you define ‘success’ in meditation, @Stevefrom49days ?

I’m reminded of a book title, “Journey Without Goal” by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

My first “benchmark experiences” only set me up for failure because it became a goal and a … ha, benchmark to compare all other sitting sessions.

Hence Andrew’s brilliant call-out to all meditative experiences: “near enemy”.

(now in my vocabulary, it helps me find a middle way)

– Courtney


Thank you @KhyungMar for sharing this with us!

It’s week three in a six week lockdown here in Oakville, Canada and started this retreat yesterday to take advantage of this time to go within.

I also recognize your post was an answer to prayer as I’ve been wanting to do a home retreat for the past several weeks (even before the lockdown as I’m on salary continuance from having been let go of my job because of COVID-19) and literally happened upon your post serendipitously a couple of days ago.

I believe @Andrew says something along the lines that when we’re on the right path, life gives us gifts. So I’m grateful for this Night Club platform and your sharing on it for my benefit. :heart:

Thanks again for your blessing,

  • Chantal

@c_scerri I am very happy to read that Alan Wallace’s offering supports you. For me, too - I finished it a while ago and then made it part of my daily routine, which I feel helps me immensely in calming the mind with all the associated benefits Alan describes. All the best to you.