Bad haircut (nonlucid dream)

Driving my daughter and her friends around. I’m not thrilled to be picking up friends in one direction, then driving them all back where we can from and then my daughter wanting a ride elsewhere later. I take them to Salem and decide to get my hair trimmed while I wait for them rather than driving all the way home. As I take out my elastic, big clumps of hair come out.
I ask the hairdresser for just a trim, no color. She has her assistant come over to do it and she proceeds to cut my hair super short. I am very upset and start to cry. A friend of mine is there getting a massage and he doesn’t know what to say. So he ignores my crying and mentions something he needs help with. I walk away very upset still about my hair and go to pay at the front desk. My husband is working the checkout desk and he says it costs $48.36. I tell him that is way too expensive for a haircut I didn’t even want. He basically says to stop complaining and pay up.


@Lisasals Awesome, thanks for breaking the ice and sharing your dream! What stood out to you the most about this experience? Any emotions, insights or reflections you might want to share about this dream?


I think my general feelings within the dream (besides the obvious sadness over the terrible haircut) were ones of surprise and anger.
I was surprised neither my friend nor my husband acknowledged or comforted me in my sadness. I was mad at the hairdresser for passing me off to someone else and then that woman not listening to me. And I was very upset about the high cost and how rude my husband was!
I suppose I could extrapolate and say that perhaps this dream suggests I don’t feel like my feelings are validated by others. However, this isn’t necessarily true. I know very little about dream interpretation and I usually find that a person can “put” meaning into any dream if you try hard enough.
Do you have any thoughts on this, Allison (or anyone else!)… how do you decide the meaning of a dream? Is it just gut instinct? Something else?


This is so, so tricky. Your gut is probably right, if it doesn’t feel like it’s one thing or another, that’s probably true. Sometimes I can easily tell, “yep, this means that” - and others (mostly) remain an enigma.

I try to work with dreams and see what comes up for me with them over time. And many I just let go. I have high recall, and record every one of my dreams that I remember… I can’t imagine every single one has meaning, but I the “big” ones, I try to spend more time with.

I always like to hear what other people might see in a dream of mine that I may have missed, but it’s also such a personal experience very specific to a dreamer.

I’d be curious to hear how others approach it!


Here is a process I learned from Robert Moss that might be useful.

(I’m sure Robert would make a fascinating interview on night club as well)



Thanks for sharing this article. The Lightning Dreamwork Game sounds like a great way to exchange and honor dreams with others. I also liked the Aboriginal end to dream descriptions Moss shared: “Good story, that one.”

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