„TReeification“ and example dream

Tonight’s final dream: I am walking through my dream garden with a bunch of old trees. Some of them are old and the branches hang low. I think that someone could get hurt by the spiky branches if they walk by too close. I examine one of the trees and start sawing off one of the thick branches which already looks old and sick with resin oozing out of it. I carefully cut through the branch and it becomes more and more oozy. The resin transforms into a repulsive pus-like liquid and it’s all over the place. I become semi-lucid, and realize in the dream that it is dream pus - nothing real. I look at the still yucky liquid and realize that the qualities of what I am experiencing are all in my mind. I stick my hand in it and try to change the quality of the experience, taking out the repulsive quality since I realize that it is not real. It still is gooey but it is now more like jelly and „cleaner“. As the dream slowly fades, I realize that this was a vibrant personal example of how my mind reeifies qualities to appearances, and I start to compare the dynamics of this to other „reall life“ reeifications, such as how a I feel about my job — the subtle energetic „luggage“ which is attached to that mental concept.
Although the reeification in the yucky dream was emotionally more vivid and strong, I realize that the dymamics are exactly the same on a subtle level in RL. Then I loose the dream.


That’s a beautiful dream example, thanks for sharing!


@Sujata In his book, Namkhai Norbu answers to a similar question that a teacher can indeed enter a student’s dream.


:slight_smile: Maybe, who knows? If we practice like late Namkhai Norbu… :wink: