Buddhist Relics

I’ve asked about Buddhist relics and how they “multiply.” Found this on YouTube. It seems there is a tooth of the Buddha that is continuing to grow (00:34). Amazing. My wife says it’s a blessing to view.


Buddhist relics indeed, multiply. We have a few in the house. I asked Andrew about that in a webinar recently. Not sure about going to California. Nepal and Sri Lanka would be priorities when travel resumes.

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Can’t buy them. Usually part of Dharma participation or inheritance.

My wife is a Tibetan Buddhist, a Sherpa from Nepal. Parents had may things brought over from Tibet and indeed, were traders who went over/through the mountains in the “old” days, before the Chinese invasion. Also, Dharma connections with Nepal and Bhutan have added to what we have.

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In a word, MERIT. Couldn’t have a better source.

I vaguely remember something about a Buddha tooth being on display in Sri Lanka. Different tooth or different Buddha? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but that’s exactly when my christian-upbringing-based skepticism kicks in. I mean I get how some relics like the Turin shroud get studied and seem to be authentic so I’m not opposed to all relics but on the other hand I know how many were faked over the ages and to what extent people are willing to believe in something just because they need physical symbol of the spiritual.

The relics you have received @_Barry, I assume are objects with long histories and sacred/spiritual significance? Something along the lines of personal effects of once-famous Buddhist monks, or are we talking about the crystallized remains of cremation?

Also not sure what you guys mean by multiply. The tooth in the YT vid is said to be growing, is that it or do you mean that another one somehow appears somewhere else in the world?