Dharma Will/Box

Life moves in mysterious ways… Yesterday I thought about creating this thread with the name “Dharma Box”:gem:. On that same day, I asked a dear friend about what “Dharma Will” is (having no idea it is the same!) and received the answer early this morning:
“Briefly, a dharma will is an informal document that tells our dharma friends what we want them to do during and after our death. It designates our entrusted friends and provides contact information for them. It’s specifies desirable ceremonies to be performed for us, when to conduct post, death, rituals, etc.”

To which I replied:

“Lovely to know that “Dharma Will” is what Andrew calls “Dharma Box” in his book “Preparing to Die” - I have that page marked to do this.”

My heart is open to this, even though the only person I had a direct contact with from NCC has been AH and @chelseawaves (online).

There’s a part in me that even prefers doing this kind of work in a forum, where our holographic illusions are not interfering with such important work, and I would even dare saying legacy.

What do you feel about this?

I have deep joy in the possibility of sharing here about what I would like to be done when I die. Another interesting feature of this is that it can evolve through time. I might have a different opinion of this thirty years from now… From my part, this would be enough, meaning that I would expect any of my friends here to do anything about it. Just being listened, sharing ideas and diving into this topic seams already deeply inspiring for me.

Thank you @Kalabasis for our lightful friendship and for connecting with us here at NCC :pray:t3:


This is a wonderful idea for a thread! Thank you for starting it :pray:. Looking forward to sharing my own thoughts about this, once I’ve gotten them in a bit more order haha.


I am so grateful @BlessingsDeers for this synchronous initiative! Thank you for thus launching it here @NCC. I will proceed to invite all attendees to Andrew’s Hidden Lands, Sacred Lands workshop who expressed interest in Dharma Wills to participate in this thread.

I too am looking forward to sharing resources and ideas and support through this blessed conversation.


PS- you may wish to look at a previous thread that otherwise appears inactive entitled Writing your Spiritual Care Directive that offers some practical advice


Think it is a great idea! I’ll jump on the online holographic death will train :slightly_smiling_face::sparkling_heart:.

Maybe we could lay out a standardized format and leave a section for anything else people want to add at the end or something like that.




I am really looking forward to hearing peoples ideas brainstormed on this important topic, especially because I know so little and have not prepared a plan yet. Time to change that.

@BlessingsDeers I actually started brainstorming my will the past 2 weeks after another member mentioned AH saying this is a powerful spiritual practice, I think Dharma Wills are equally important, if not, more so.


Thinking a Dharma Will is akin to orchestrating your own funeral, and fully aware the word ‘fun’ Is in funeral, I took it upon myself to pen my personal “ so long”’s to my close family and friends. This was a very rich and deepening activity marked with great and tearful sad-joy particularly on the fresh heels of the transitioning of the being whose self was expressed as my son Matthew this January 28.

My spiritual journey overall has deepened and so very profoundly since then. I would call this the greatest catalyst for spiritual growth my life.

The following passage from the King James Bible credited to Jesus nevertheless in my world is ascribed to my son, as that is what seems to be exactly what has happened; the Comforter has come to me. This after one and only one very clear and assuring verbal and lucid visitation from Matt on March 7. I heard his voice as clear as day.

Thanks for listening!

"It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you."John 16:7, KJV


In an effort to begin working towards a template or something to that effect I summarized the majority of my advanced directives.

Directive for Life-Support Treatment

I, mBready, state that I do not wish to receive life-support treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR); feeding tubes or any other device for nutrition or hydration; major surgery; blood transfusions; dialysis; antibiotics; or any other procedure, device, or medication intended to keep me alive. Even if recovery seems likely, I do not wish to have any of these treatments. I am at peace with the concept of death and request that my treatment preferences be asserted firmly by those making medical decisions on my behalf. I understand this may conflict with medical professionals’ training, but I insist my wishes be respected.

Burial Preferences

I request to be buried at a green burial cemetary (for purposes of anonymity the location has been removed). If possible, I prefer to be buried in a mushroom burial shroud. If not, I wish to be buried without a coffin, in my natural state.

Memory and Legacy

When contemplating my memory, please refer to the concept of the transient nature of phenomena and apply that understanding to the human condition. Recognize that the human vessel is temporary and ephemeral. In accordance with my wishes, it is best not to remember me at all. I believe that strong memories of an individual creates a karmic trace that intertwines the existence of both the remembered and the rememberer. Think back 100 years about the memories of people that existed then; now, take it a step further and consider 500 years ago. Very little is known about our direct descendants, and this same fate will befall all as the sands of time pass. It is best to swiftly shift our focus towards finding eternal rest with our Father, the Creator. The sooner we are able to let go and forget, the quicker we can dissolve our karmic bonds and attain eternal rest.

Healthcare Preferences

For minor illnesses, I accept medical intervention. However, in cases of severe sickness, I believe in letting go. I look forward to the journey beyond and request that my life not be extended against my will when I cannot make decisions for myself.

Electronic Media and Memorial Contributions

Upon my death, I wish for all electronic media to be deleted, except for pictures of pets or vacations that hold fond memories for others. After this media is saved on their personal computers or devices I would like my copies to be deleted.

Pain Management

I do not want to be in pain. I authorize my doctor to provide enough medication to relieve my pain, even if it means I may be drowsy or sleep more. Initially, I prefer medications that do not cause drowsiness or impair cognitive function. If my pain persists, I permit adjustments to manage it effectively.

Symptom Management

If I show signs of depression, nausea, shortness of breath, or hallucinations, I want my caregivers to help me. If I experience hallucinations, I prefer not to receive treatment unless they become disruptive to others, in which case I permit treatment to manage the disruptions. However, my strong preference is to avoid treatment for hallucinations whenever possible.

Spiritual and Religious Preferences

I wish to have spiritual readings and well-loved poems and songs played aloud near the time of my death. I prefer “A Course in Miracles” to be played through Audible on my phone and songs I have created to be played.

The playlist can be accessed here:

A Special Note to My Friends at NightClub

Upon reading this portion of my advanced directives, please mentally state, “Om Mani Padme Hum, Thank You Father” for me. I believe time to be illusory in nature, so your thoughts now mean as much to me as they would during and after my death.

Thank you! :sparkling_heart:

Five Wishes offers a nice template that was recommended in Andrew’s Preparing to Die Program that will guide anyone through creating a more thorough, legally binding advanced directive if wanted for $15.


Very nice share mbready! It definitely begins to fulfill the calling for templates for visitors to this thread for the completion of their Dharma Will/Box. Thank you, friend. :pray: Blessings!


So beautiful and powerful :heart_eyes:

Thank you for sharing this, its a big motivator for me to pull the trigger and put some words and thoughts to paper. Tomorrow is a garuntee for no body.

Was is your son saying this bible quote in the lucid dream? If you comfortable sharing the details of the dream, I am very interested in hearing about it. These dreams where the dead visit us, for me, are some of the most profound life expereinces we can have.


Sad joy is brilliant way of describing this. I would also add the word ‘feral’ is also in Funeral

Time frame ‘5pm -5am’ (must include sunset AND sunrise)
Weather: Clear skies

Service will begin 2hrs before sunset.

followed by yoga during the golden hour of sunlight (enhanced with burning sage and frakences and RC to capture the light waves in the air) All paticipants will be provided a yoga mat and incense burner if desired.

As the suns rays turn from gold to red, the sun prepares to set a silent meditation will be held until the sun dips below the horizon.

(this same ceremony of prayer, yoga and meditation will be held at dawn, when everything is bathed in blue light as well, yoga as the sky reddens, and a final meditation to welcome the sunrise and honor the GREAT Eastern Sun.)

I would like my burial to be a funeral pyre of Juniperus Virginiana wood, no live trees will be used, only harvested dead trees (fully intact, w roots and braches). The burning will take place on private land deep in the heart of nature, as WILD as possible (within or bordering national forest(s) ).

Only close Dharma friends and family members allowed. No cell phones allowed or other electronic devices except for the sound system.

If finding US land or Law loop holes is an issue, then Native American Reservation(s) would be an ideal alternative.

I would like all the guests to add at least one red cedar branch to the pyre, and as they do, telepathically share their favorite memory of me in their hearts.

A buffet of NATURAL intoxicants (weed, shrooms, peyote, etc) should be alllowed to be used at the participants discression. No man made intoxicants allowed.

As the ‘burning man’ festival heats up, I would like people to openly share memories about me and about other loved ones who have passed, and also share deep discussions on spirituality and God.

After that I would like the rest of the night devoted to joyous singing and dancing around the fire. (Country line dancing should also be encouraged at some point in the night, as I will really love to see the members moving as one together.)

Dogs (especially pit bulls), horses, raptors, and all other animals are allowed.

Tents with see through mesh roofs will be provided if the participants want to camp out and watch the stars until morning, or take a break from the festivities.

Binoculars and easily transported telescopes will be available for participants, and highly encouraged to help promote a deep love and appreciation for the night sky in peoples’ hearts (if it is not already present)

No fighting or arguing allowed.
(Karens and Kevins who disobey will be sent home immediately without a gift basket, no exceptions)

Food and drink provided will be simple, and easy to pack in. No booze allowed.

In the morning I would like whoever is left to gather my ashes and take them with them to scatter at sacred sites in nature around the world, and the left overs placed in pots with small jouvenile live red ceder trees, to be given as funeral gifts to the guests, and to be transplanted at sunny sites the loved ones hold dear.

NONE of the ashes are NOT to be kept or preserved.

Tree of the Week: Eastern Redcedar


Thank you NightHawk999 for your kind responses. And further descriptions of your visions for your end of this life gatherings.

I am happy to share these details of my miraculous encounter with my son. For as you say, the reality of these sacred cross-realm moments can further us on in our development of our relaxed preparedness’s into the bardos.

Here is my written entry word for word about Matt visiting me. Although he was a student of the Bible, it was a devout Christian friend of the family Who shared that verse with us upon his passing.

March 7 2024-

Matthew aroused me from my sleep early in this morning with a conversation. I could hear his adult voice speaking clearly and specifically to me. It was all one way; he spoke. I listened. Here is what I heard him say;

“ There was just too much worldliness. Don’t think I did not hear what you were teaching father. I truly got it. The whole business about feelings and cravings and suffering and love. I got it. I meant it when I said I didn’t wanna go, but I didn’t have the strength to stay. I want you to know I am OK, things are really quite fine. Better than you think. I am so glad to speak with you and reassure you. And to thank you for all you did for me. I am in very good hands now. I am in very good company. It’s all good Daddio. Rest assured. “

“ I am very privileged to have this communication with you. I have had my life review and it was as beautiful and shining as was all those posters eulogies and outpourings of love were at the celebration of life service you orchestrated for me. Do you not see the perfection in it all? I love you.“


I greatly appreciate you sharing this heavenly gift you were given, it touched me very deeply.

Thank you for sharing this treasure. There is no doubt in my mind that was your son who visited and connected with you.

I have talked with many people over the past years about their dreams, and the ‘data’ I collected resoundingly puts dreams of the departed, and precognitive dreams at the top of the list of most influential dreams people have had. My own personal experience are in full agreement with this as well.

(Worth noting, March 7th was pretty close to 72 hours before the new moon ( :pisces:) which is one of the most holy and spiritual moons of the year, if not the most.)


My son John Matthew (João Mateus in Portuguese) also decided to leave this planet… on May 2010. this is a huge synchornicity beloved Michael…
here’s a testimony from his father about the so many synchronicities and signs that happened at that time:

It was a FUNeral indeed… full of light, Jesus (an aura reader friend actually saw him behind me on the day he was cremated), spiritual singing, spiritual dancing, infinite love…

here’s my whole register of that in Portuguese:

I embrace you dear friend.


thank you for your sharing.

brilliant. thank you.

I read it all and felt a huge fire inside me! thank you for sharing.

this is also what I felt in my son’s funeral. it was all just flowing so beautifully…


And I (embrace) you dear friend as well.
Thank you for opening your heart to me and sharing this intimate and deepening of seismic events we have experienced in this lifetime, the passing of one’s child.

What Joao of blessed memory shared fills my heart now with the love light and sounds of source, of Amitabah. :pray:

“I’m doing very well now, my state allows me to do the best possible service to humanity.
I wish that the group thinks of my parents and gives them comfort. Tell them that they should sing a song for my parents. The song: Amen, Amen, they will then understand.”

This poem captures for me so exquisitely human sad-joy, the highest form of human emotion as Andrew pointed out to us. :two_hearts:


Everything is beautiful and I am so sad.
This is how the heart makes a duet of
wonder and grief. The light spraying
through the lace of the fern is as delicate
as the fibers of memory forming their web around the knot in my throat. The breeze makes the birds move from branch to branch as this ache makes me look for those I’ve lost in the next room, in the next song, in the laugh of the next stranger. In the very center, under it all, what we have that no one can take
away and all that we’ve lost face each other. It is there that I’m adrift, feeling punctured by a holiness that exists inside everything.
I am so sad and everything is beautiful.

Posted by kind permission of Mark Nepo


I am so sorry for your loss. This was a painful read, but also deeply moving and inspiring.

To see how many people from the community gathered around to support your son really hit home. As did the fact that he saved 2 babies lives. This makes me think if he choses to leave Heaven and be reincarnated, he will have a very, very blessed next life.

I translated your article to English and I am more than half way through it (around june 1-2 on the timeline):

If you are interested in me posting a link to the English translation, so others can read it off this website, let me know. Its a quick few clicks.

So much to say about it, but will take me a few days.

One of my biggest take aways was how your signing and energy helped infuse his body with new strength to hold on, after the odds were so much against him.

The part about the Medium saying he was having difficulty finding his body was jaw dropping.

Do you remember you telling me about the dream with you and the boat that flew up to heaven? I was reminded of it when I read these stories.




beautiful poem. thank you for sharing
many times when tears arrive, I have this deep sense of life being so beautiful and how being human is so sublime, delicate and profound…

this was SO special… JM was truly a special being for manifesting such a thing.

yes… I met a nurse two months after, at the beach, and she recognized me… she said his kidney went to Spain and his heart went to Oporto… to a girl… I created a story inspired in this synchronicity.

I think this might inspire people. Yes, please. Thank you so much for following your heart, for your generosity. Once you share it here, I will contemplate to upload it on my English blog, so that it’s available also there, with a special thanks to you.

this was Mother Love in action… one of the most powerful forces in the Universe… :heart_eyes:

it was the other way around… the meteor came down, transforming into a boat that went to the ocean. at least this was a recent dream (February 2024), perhaps I shared another one with you and I don’t remember… :cowboy_hat_face: