Call for participants - PhD research

Hi all!

I’m PhD researcher in Philosophy at Glasgow University investigating awareness during dreamless sleep. As some of you might know, this sort of awareness is usually achieved through the practice of dream yoga and is characterised by being a contentless or ‘pure’ awareness.

I’m looking for participants to undertake 1:1 interviews. If you wish to participate, I’d require you to answer this online survey that covers different aspects of your sleep experience and to leave your email at the end so I can contact you. You can also participate in the survey even if you don’t want to be interviewed.

Many thanks! :relaxed:


Hi Adriana, welcome to Night Club! I took that survey – it was quick and easy, highly recommend other Night Clubbers do the same.



No, it isn’t, everyone can participate since the survey covers different aspects of your sleep experience :slight_smile:


Many thanks ArthurG! :slight_smile:


@Adriana_AS I just took the survey. I noticed that it focusses mostly on last month’s experiences…

That does mean though that if one had a „low“ form in the last month regarding lucid dream/sleep (like in my case), one would still only answer the questions for that period, i.e. not reflecting on more lucid time periods and respective experiences.

Why is the focus so strongly on last month only? Wouldn’t the survey miss out on some good data for previous time periods? just wondering


Hi @KhyungMar and thanks for answering it!

Yes, many participants have asked the same and I’m aware the ‘within the last month’ condition might be a bit frustrating (it is frustrating for me too, since it also decreases the number of potential good participants for the interview phase :slight_smile:). The reason for this is that this in an empirical study, and for the reports of sleep experiences to be really valid, those should be gathered upon awakening (and ideally in a sleep lab). The longer it has passed between the experience and the report, the more chances for the report to be contaminated with confabulation and loss of recollection. So I tried to lessen the impact of this by asking participants to report about their most recent experience (within a month maximum). I am indeed missing it a lot of valuable data, but at the same time, all this will highly be considered if I want the results to be published in scientific journals, so it’s a bit of a trade off! :slight_smile:


Yes, I can understand that trade-off. Best regards and success with the study!

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Dear all!
I just wanted to flag that I’m still looking for participants to interview. I have received many answers in the survey from individuals that belong to this forum, so thank you all for answering! (already surpassing the 400 respondents in total :))

If you haven’t done so, the survey will be live for a few months while I’m shortlisting participants for the interview phase.

Don’t doubt to write to me if you have questions!



So, everybody practice your asses off and incubate at least one case of awareness in deep dreamless sleep in the next couple of months!


@Adriana_AS When the study is finished, it would be great if you could post a link to the study results here on Night Club.