Dancing Andrew in the lecture hall

Last night, I dreamed I was in a large lecture hall listening to Andrew speak. At some point, he is standing, and dancing a little bit as a sort of example. I’m standing behind him and his hair is a bit longer in the back and moves with the breeze created by the movement.

(As I’m sleeping, a dream yoga retreat podcast by B. Alan Wallace is playing in my ear, and I also see and hear him in the dream.)

Before the dancing, some people are singing a Fairfield Four song in the auditorium and I’m singing the bass part. A man nearby sneezes and wipes his face on my clothing. I’m irked by how close everyone is sitting in light of the pandemic.

I try to seek some dream teaching within the dream, seeing various streams an caves on a device, but am told by the female lama that I can’t because my family is with me, and I must come alone, and the way we’ve arrived is as through an app on a handheld 8-bit gaming system.

Had to share this because the image of Andrew dancing in the midst of instruction was light-hearted, and I had done my usual pre-sleep setting of intention to notice I was dreaming. As is frequent with me, I was just a little lucid, thinking of dreams while dreaming but not quite hitting the nail on the head.