Hello from..HI, CO, VA/planet dance

I’ve been around for few months lurking in the corner. My name is Marlo, and I’m a lifelong dancer who teaches people how to find ease of movement and do epic things on poles and floors. (@marlofisken www.flowmovement.net)
I’m happy to be in a community with dreamers. I’ve always easily recalled dreams but just this year have started to direct more energy to dreaming practices.

(and for a membership question: I see many book resources listed here (thank you)–but I thought there was also a course included in the Emerald membership through Andrew’s site–I recall making an account there, but now Im not enrolled in anything–any thoughts on that? I feel like I am kind of fumbling around in the community looking for a starting point. thank you!)


Hi Marlo,

Welcome. Glad you have gone with the flow in this direction. Lots of resources here and plenty of opportunities for getting into good rhythms with dreaming, lucid dreaming, dream yoga and associated daytime practices.

There is a free course offered through the Academy, The Foundations of Lucid Dreaming: A Comprehensive Guide For Using Dreams to Awaken to Your Life, though I am not exactly sure how the Login is now set up as there have been recent changes in the site and so there may be a glitch or to in some of the regular procedures. I urge you to check out the Meditation Webinar tomorrow night, and The Thursday afternoon (2:30-3:30 MT) Hangout Sept 16, where you can question Andrew directly if there are any problems with the above course.

If you have particular interests it’s easy to search the site at the top of the page, and if you find information you’d like to recall, it’s easy enough to bookmark any of the threads, as well. Looking forward to hearing more about your nocturnal experiences and how your dance activities fit in to them. There are NightClubbers who use music to reflect dream experiences described in threads, and some who use art and drawing too. Peace.

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