Hello from Kansas!

Hello everyone, Cecil from Kansas here! I really love this idea and am excited to meet, share and learn with similar minds. I’ve been a natural lucid dreamer since I was young but am just now consciously developing the skill. My meditation practice derives from a more Christian contemplative approach but I don’t really adhere to any tradition or teacher (at least at the moment). I also practice what Peter Kingsley calls “incubation” which is pretty much just meditation lying down, but it is what actually led me to pursue a conscious lucid dream search since it started to boost my lucid dreaming ability.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Much love.



Welcome to the NightClub Cecil! Lots of great resources and information exchanges are here, as well as an unparalleled log of excellent interviews and webinars for all things lucid dreaming, dream yoga and much more. Looking forward to reading about your “incubation” practice and how it has led to your lucid dreaming.


Thanks for the welcome. I’ve only just skimmed through the site and the amount of material available so far is amazing.
Incubation is a practice recorded in Ancient Greece (and all over the world really) where one goes into a dark location, lies down and essentially surrenders deeply. At least that’s what it has become for me. I liken it to yoga nidra and what Andrew talks about in Dream Yoga when he discusses the twenty-one breath settling meditation (I can’t remember the chapter). I actually purchased the book because the just lying down and surrendering while using a prayer word not only led me into strange hypnagogic states, but sort of dropped me into many lucid dreams and I needed to know what was happening. So while I’ve always had an interest in lucid and non-lucid dreams they weren’t really my main focus. Awakening was although I don’t think I was calling it that at the time.
I’m very interested in Dream Yoga as a spiritual path in itself and would love to explore that more. Looks like I’m in the right place!