Different Rainbows

I was remembering this morning reading somewhere that two people standing next to each other looking at a rainbow are each seeing a different rainbow. I am taking that concept further today as I go through my day.

We see things around us as only we can see them. Nobody else can ever have our perspective. The images that we see are ours only. They are not universal in nature.

And…with a mere turn of the head we create a completely, if subtly, different tableau that is inseparable from us…totally non-dual.

…just like in a dream. The dreaming self is inseparable from the dream…totally non-dual. We are the dream so it is ours to change.

Pondering that to see if it sticks.


I’m grooving on your ongoing rich offerings Steve – you’re a sensitive thinker, and practitioner. Don Hoffman has a nice riff on this in “The Case Against Reality,” a brave and radical book.

Keep 'em coming!

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