Radiating Awareness

I have been trying to really wrap my head around how non-dual awareness really feels, as awareness just seems so inherently dualistic…I must be aware of something. This is important to me because my dreams are filled with people who I am constantly interacting with and I inevitably get caught up in their fantasies and delusions.

I have come up with a hack that is helping. During the day I have been practicing radiating awareness as if I was a RADAR station on a hill…just receiving the images but not interacting. This is a very effective exercise at my office in group meetings or around “the water cooler” and it is beginning to prove very effective in the dream. :grinning:

This as opposed to the SONAR that a bat uses in echolocation where the information is being constantly acted on instinctively.


Interesting technique, Steve. I like the radar metaphor.


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Cool—interesting—thanks for sharing the insight.



I have a potentially naive question. Note that I am quite green in terms of meditation practice and dream yoga.

I resonate with the statement that awareness seems inherently dualistic: it is certainly my experience… You also mention that your dreams are filled with people. I was wondering whether you viewed those people and “their fantasies and delusions” as reflections of yourself? And if yes, are those your fantasies and delusions?

I understand the question is a bit tangential. It’s just what’s coming for me as I read your post.



I am coming around to the realization that perhaps pure awareness is only non-dual when it is completely formless and empty of content. Once awareness becomes aware even of itself, a dualistic tension begins and from that tension arises form as a subtle separation develops in the field of awareness.

I am coming to view all of these potentially dualistic interactions more as conscious experiences only…so they become extensions rather than reflections of myself. In that way I am able to maintain a non-dual perspective even as i interact in both the waking state and the dream state.

At least that’s what I’m working on. :sunglasses: