🥶 Dissatisfied with dream practice compared to others?

Thought this was an interesting take on comparing one’s practice of
(Dharma, meditation, Dream Yoga . . . ) to others.

From the article:

Master Dogen, the thirteenth-century founder of Soto Zen in Japan, was asked by a student, “What should you do if you find yourself in an argument? Should you try to win the argument or should you concede, even though you feel you’re right?” Dogen advised neither path. Become disinterested, he told the student, and the argument will lose its energy. The same advice can be applied to feelings of competitiveness in practice: Let go of your attachment to appearances of one who wins or has “got it right.”


Great read. Love this line:

“, “Who is it who compares?” The more you can come to see everyone as yourself, the more you will be able to use everything around you to learn about who you are, and the more you will be able to transform yourself and be an occasion for everyone else’s transformation. We are all sentient beings, and we are all capable of experiencing one another’s salvation. If you are only involved in protecting your small self, you are in constant peril!”

like this one as well:

“4. The perfect teacher is whoever is in front of you. It’s a real relationship, not an objective measure of who is the best. You may learn more from a teacher who has faults and who practices with them.”


Appropriate for November 8?

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Are you refurring to the Lunar Eclipse early tomorrow morning?

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