Duality of neuro-excitogens


Sent this to immonu-doc, thought I’d share here. Both decrease neurotransmitter threshholds (loosen up the “go button”) but with different results. That’s all I know.

  • Glutamate - bad
    – VGCC test available (when the synapse is chronically ON, neurodegeneration occurs)
    – GABA is antagonist, post-synaptic
    – Glycine balances…what? (it comes into play somehwere)
    – Burns out neurotransmitters. Suspect behind Alzh, Autism, ADHD, etc

  • Acetylcholine - good
    – Galantamine - extract of an herb
    – Rx’d for Dementia (in Medicare’s Rx Formulary)
    – OTC – taken to increase lucid dreaming
    – “CFS breathing” - wonder if it’s related?
    – Willing to bet excess homocysteine is culprit (see Methylation Map)

  • Dopamine - both good and bad
    – Too much: neurotoxin. (Parkinson’s
    – Too little: “dysexecutive” (adhd)
    – unsure of pre- or post- synaptic, or just availability per se

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So avoid Gaba? :slightly_smiling_face:

Depends on the individual.

GABA is the “chill out, yo” :yawning_face: to Glutamate’s “WIRED!!!” :robot:

That’s the theory of Dr. Yasko at least, the Glutamate/GABA balance.

Sorry what’s the issue with homocysteine in relation to galantamine?

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Good to read. Galantamine is my preferred assist. I took Gaba for getting to sleep, but perhaps time to finish that. Galantamine for Dementia seems to be in liquid form, which I never found useful.